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EasyPost vs. Shippo

Your customers deserve a better shipping experience.

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Why EasyPost?

Finding a multi-carrier shipping solution that is fast, flexible, and reliable is critical in today's ecommerce world. It's time to partner with a best-in-class shipping API provider that you (and your customers) can depend on now and into the future.

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EasyPost outranks the competition


Newest and fastest API technology with response times at less than 300 ms.


From 10 packages a year to 10 million, the EasyPost API scales with your volume growth.


99.99% uptime - the most reliable in the industry.


Your own dedicated support team that boasts a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) of 90%.

We build better shipping solutions by going where others haven't

Learn more about our suite of shipping APIs and the advantages.

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EasyPost's suite of Shipping APIs

Solve complex logistics problems with a single integration. EasyPost offers a multi-carrier shipping API (integrating with 100+ carriers globally), advanced rate shopping capabilities across carriers, and APIs for real-time tracking, address verification, and parcel insurance.

Leverage EasyPost's best-in-class APIs to streamline, automate and gain end-to-end control of your shipping processes.

Some of our customers & partners

EasyPost helps thousands of companies, ranging in size from multinational Fortune 100 companies to small neighborhood stores, ship billions of packages around the world.

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Start shipping with EasyPost today

Whether an SMB or enterprise, shipping through EasyPost's APIs can take your company's operations to the next level by providing low-cost, flexible, and highly reliable shipping options. As a result, your business will continue to gain the invaluable trust of your customers.

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