Freight Shipping

At EasyPost, we are logistics experts when it comes to parcel shipping. We understand that our customers may need expertise in another vital part of their supply chain — freight. While parcel shipping is an ideal option for transporting individual packages to customers, freight is excellent for moving products in bulk to warehouses, distribution centers, and store fronts.

If you’re looking for a freight partner who can provide LTL, FTL, and Intermodal services, we can match you with the right provider through our freight network.

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Carrier Partnerships

Compare freight partners and take advantage of highly competitive rates through our network.

Trusted Transportation

Ensure your cargo is in safe hands by utilizing the best carriers, who are all experienced, insured and well-vetted before joining our network.

Industry Experts

Our freight partners have worked in the industry for years and can provide consultative advice in approaching your freight needs.

Simplify Your Search

Shopping around for the right freight provider can be confusing and time consuming. Freight rates vary greatly based on seasonality and the specific attributes of your pallet(s), making it harder to compare providers if you’re not privy to the nature of the freight industry. EasyPost narrows down your search by connecting you with the right freight provider for your inventory needs.

Looking for the right Freight provider to move your pallets, skids, and gaylords? Our dedicated team of freight experts will help identify the right fit for your business so your inventory is in the right hands. Talk to a Freight Specialist.

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