Fulfillment API

The Fulfillment API by EasyPost allows you to get rates, track packages, purchase shipping, verify addresses, and more. You can purchase shipping and track USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more in one simple Fulfillment API.

There are two main reasons businesses integrate our Fulfillment API:

  • Cost
  • Transparency

By generating all your shipping in house, as opposed to having a 3PL or your fulfillment center use your accounts, you're provided full accounting of all your costs. You see them all because you rate and purchase each parcel or postage.


By seeing all the costs you have full transparency into your shipping process. Coupled with our Tracking API, not only can you see the costs, but you can verify all your shipments are being shipped efficiently and on time.

You can take a look at our EasyPost API Documentation to see how simple the integration is.

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