EasyPost Fulfillment

The average brand spends up to 25% of their revenue on fulfillment. A lot of this has to do with inefficiencies in traditional fulfillment practices. EasyPost is a technology company at the core - we find ways to make shipping more efficient, reliable, and affordable.

Simple Fees

No hidden fees to watch out for, we charge solely on a per-package basis.

Works With Your Business

You have unique requirements, we have flexible fulfillment. We can make it work.

Domestic and International

EasyPost can ship a package across the U.S. and almost anywhere in the world.

Fulfillment by EasyPost

Fulfillment Is Supposed To Be This Easy

EasyPost offers simplified fulfillment that aims to energize the way your business does logistics. We power our fulfillment with our API and smart automation, allowing us to offer better shipping and storage services for a lower price. With EasyPost fulfillment, you get access to:

  • Simplified Fees: EasyPost uses a simple fee structure with no hidden or surprise fees. No storage fees, receiving fees, pick-pack fees, just-because fees. Just one simple fee you pay per package shipped.
  • Flexible Operations: Customize around returns, packaging, tracking, and more. We're not going to force your business to fit with our workflows. We build our workflows around your business.
  • Latest Technology: We leverage big data, the latest in robotic automation, and use our uniquely flexible API as the spine of our fulfillment system.

Contact us today and talk with a Fulfillment Expert about how we can simplify your logistics.