USPS Ground Advantage

USPS Ground Advantage is one of the best ways to save money as a shipper. It's one of many exclusive service levels that EasyPost customers have instant access to.

What is USPS Ground Advantage?

For shippers looking for the most economical ground delivery, USPS Ground Advantage is the best option available. It provides a low-cost option to bulk deliver packages using the Postal Service's standard ground delivery service. 

If you are delivering more fragile items, USPS Ground Advantage may not be the best option for you. The parcels are shipped by ground and regularly handled, meaning they are more exposed to damage than other means of delivery and shipping.

USPS Ground Advantage price is determined by weight, dimensions, and distance. The maximum weight is 70 lbs. The maximum combined length and girth is 130". USPS Ground Advantage also supports Cubic pricing for items less than 20 lbs and up to 1 cubic foot in volume.

USPS Ground Advantage includes $100 of USPS insurance coverage for no additional cost.

When shipping Hazardous Material, USPS Ground Advantage is the preferred service since it is a full ground network.

USPS Ground Advantage Process

When you sign up with EasyPost, you are automatically set up with a USPS account and can immediately start shipping with USPS Ground Advantage. To get your packages delivered using USPS Ground Advantage, you can use the EasyPost shipment UI to create the label or make requests over the API. Then, just drop your packages off at the post office, a USPS drop off box, or schedule a free pickup.

How long does USPS Ground Advantage take?

USPS Ground Advantage offers delivery within 2-5 days for packages being delivered to the lower 48 states. If your package is being delivered to or from Alaska or Hawaii the delivery time may be delayed and take longer than the given times. When you use EasyPost, you'll be able to see estimated delivery dates as part of the rating process.

We offer USPS Ground Advantage on all EasyPost accounts. Sign up and get started.

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