EasyPost's enterprise-grade APIs and suite of tools are built for peak season

EasyPost knows that peak season is the most important time for our customers. Even an hour of downtime can mean serious revenue loss. Every year, we focus our efforts on ensuring we are prepared for the spike in volume and can maintain impressive API performance with no downtime. We also offer a comprehensive and innovative suite of tools so customers can outperform competitors not only during peak season but throughout the year.

Fast and reliable during the peak season


Increase in shipment volume


Uptime on our core API offerings


Degradation in response times

During the 2020 peak season (Nov/Dec), we're proud to say we boasted 100% API uptime. We saw no performance degradation on our core label API and shipping API services. Not a single hiccup during last year's peak season and we've only improved since then! We're transparent about it too, as you can see our historical downtime metrics here. If you haven't benefited from EasyPost's reliable and speedy APIs during the peak season, it's not too late to make the switch. Our Solutions Engineering team can get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

Peak season carrier performance modeling

During peak season, many carriers stop offering guarantees and see 7+ day delays in shipments. Last year, we saw customers unaware of which carriers were performing well and which were not, what transit time estimates to provide to their end customer, and what service to use to ensure packages arrived on time.

We were inspired to release the SmartRate API to solve these problems. EasyPost's innovative and sophisticated prediction algorithm powering the SmartRate API leverages the previous year's peak season transit data and recent carrier performance to model transit time. We've also tested our models on previous year's peak seasons to ensure they are reliable. With the SmartRate API, shippers now have a reliable transit time estimate during the peak season (and beyond).

The SmartRate API can be implemented in 15 minutes or less using our client libraries and there's still time to leverage this tool during the peak season!

Seamless multi-carrier shipping with 100+ carriers to choose from


savings from using multiple carriers


discounts on major carrier rates


discounts on international rates

Every year carriers perform differently and that's the reality. Diversifying your carrier mix during peak is now a necessity to ensure you can reliably get your packages to customers on time without significantly increasing shipping costs

With incredible programs, rates with all major carriers, an extensive regional carrier network, and unparalleled partnerships for international shipping, EasyPost has you covered. NOW is the time to modernize your shipping program with new carriers so you are ready for peak shipping season. Read more about our offerings below and click the link to contact sales to get going now!

EasyPost is an authorized postage provider with USPS and offers Commercial Pricing, the lowest tier of available rates, to all customers. Customers save an average of 30% over retail rates when adding USPS rates into their shipping portfolio for the first time.

Our free FedEx Advantage Program provides discounts up to 50% and there are no minimum shipping volume requirements to take advantage of the savings.

Our free UPS Digital Access Program (DAP) can save customers an estimated 86%. The program's breadth extends from affordable ground shipping products to overnight delivery services and has no minimum shipping volume requirements.

Our free DHL Express program can save customers up to 70% on international shipments. We have extensive and clear documentation available so you can access rates in minutes.

Customers can save 45% using our extensive network of regional carriers which includes CDLAsendiaUDF Final Mile, and more.

EasyPost has the best insurance rates if things go awry

With exponentially more packages in transit during the peak season, mistakes are much more likely to happen. We know customers need a cheap insurance option to protect against lost, damaged, or stolen packages.

Sign up for EasyPost's Shipping Insurance to protect every package you send. We supply standard full coverage for 0.5% of the stated value of the product with a 50 cent minimum and process claims quickly and efficiently. Depending on your shipping volume, even better rates are available.

More information on our insurance API is linked here.

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