Japan Address Verification

Verifying Japan addresses can improve deliverability by up to 63%. And you can set it up in minutes.

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Want to Improve Deliverability to Japan Addresses?

Address verification is one of the best failsafes against undelivered packages. It's an essential part of international operations, especially if you're just expanding into a foreign market. Having address verification as a guardrail against customer or internal error will help ensure your packages reach the right destination. Plus, we have all the client documentation and support to get you set up and verifying Japan addresses in minutes.

Our Japan AVS API can:

  • Verify addresses down to the for Japan addresses
  • Verify addresses across the globe, with the widest international network on the market
  • Improve itself over time with constantly updated databases
  • Integrate itself to any system or application that requires AVS functionality
  • Provide complementary and complete U.S. coverage down to the unit level
require 'easypost'

address = EasyPost::Address.create(
  verify: ["delivery"],
  street1: "1-10-5 Akasaka",
  street2: "Minato-ku",
  city: "Tokyo",
  zip: "107-8420",
  country: "JP"

puts address.street1
# 1-10-5 AKASAKA
puts address.verifications
# {"delivery": {"success":true,"errors":[]}}

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