Shipping via Norco with EasyPost

EasyPost is a multi-carrier shipping solution. The EasyPost API is one integration point for 100+ carriers, including Norco. All Norco functionality is accessible using the EasyPost API. EasyPost standardizes the inconsistencies across carrier APIs with its RESTful interface.

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Norco, or Norco Delivery Services, is a West Coast regional carrier covering California, Arizona, and Nevada. Norco was founded in 1957 and has a large range of overnight and next day services.

Norco offers a SOAP / XML API and does not provide language-specific client libraries.

As of December 2014, all Norco Overnight packages will be delivered by Golden State Overnight (GSO). The rest of Norco's Same Day offerings will still go through Norco.

Fortunately, the EasyPost API is a multi-carrier API that is Norco Delivery Services certified. The EasyPost API a RESTful JSON API with client libraries in C#, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node, and more. The following services from Norco are all available using the EasyPost API:

  • Rating
  • Tracking
  • Purchasing
  • And more

The EasyPost API offers the following Norco service levels:

  • EarlyOvernite
  • MorningOvernite
  • OneOvernite
  • NextDayOvernite
  • SaturdayOvernite
  • 2DayMetro

EasyPost is a certified Norco Delivery Services provider. All Norco functionality is accessible using the EasyPost API, as well as all services for USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and more.

Tracking Packages

Track packages across all major carriers.

Address Verification

Validate domestic and international addresses.

International & Customs

Learn how to handle international shipping seamlessly.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance for all items sent with EasyPost.

EasyPost: Built for Developers

  • USPS Commercial Plus Pricing on ALL accounts
  • Instant Access to USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL & more
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  • Clients Libraries for .Net, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, and PHP
  • Millions of packages shipped each month using EasyPost!
# Create To and From Addresses
from_address = EasyPost::Address.create(...)
to_address = EasyPost::Address.create(...)

# Create Shipment and Get Rates
shipment = EasyPost::Shipment.create(
  from_address: from_address,
  to_address: to_address,
  parcel: {
    predefined_package: 'Parcel',
    weight: 32.8

# Buy Shipping Label shipment.lowest_rate())

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Let's Compare the EasyPost API with the Norco API

FeatureNorco APIEasyPost Tracking API
RESTful JSON check
SOAP / XML check
Tracking API with Webhooks check
Multi-Carrier API check
Fast and Free Technical Support check
Public Documentation and Tutorials check
Instant API Access check
Supported Client Libraries check
Ruby Gem check
Python Module check
Java Library check
Node.js Module check
.NET Library check
PHP Library check

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