Track all your shipments on a single dashboard

Parcel Tracking Analytics

Leverage real-time insights into your delivery and carrier performance to make decisions that drive tangible, measurable outcomes for your business.

Parcel Tracking Analytics features

Time in transit (TNT)

Receive detailed transit times in both calendar and business days.

Package characteristics

See billable weight tiers at different service levels.

Open shipments by status

Understand package level delivery status by ship date.

Real-time parcel movement and history

Gain enhanced visibility into carrier performance.

Delivery performance by destination

Mapped performance of transit times to geographic areas.

Delivery exception identification

Identify critical issues and risks that require immediate action.

Parcel Tracking Analytics in action

See how a large retailer improved customer experience and saved money by tapping into their shipping data.

Dive deeper with a customized solution

Our Parcel Visibility module, which includes Parcel Tracking Analytics, also comes with custom SLA and on-time performance monitoring, support for additional custom carrier integrations, custom reporting, and manifested freight spend. 

Parcel Tracking Analytics is only available for EasyPost API customers and shipments.

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