Ecommerce shipping solutions for shippers who demand more

PARCLL utilizes its strategically located shipping hubs and extensive network of carrier partners to provide discounted domestic and global shipping rates. To reduce costs on express shipments, they use zone skipping across the U.S. PARCLL also offers fast, reliable, and hassle-free international shipping with their Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service.

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Global packages daily

Shipped through a dynamic IT-platform


Customers internationally

International shipments are sent DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)


Employees worldwide

Across Europe, USA, Canada, UK and other markets


Hubs in the United States

Providing best-in-class delivery services to the U.S. market

PARCLL services overview

Affordable economy service

PARCLL offers the best economy service available by consolidating last mile carriers in their network nationwide.

Save with zone skipping

Get reliable service without the premium price tag. PARCLL uses zone skipping for 1-3 day shipments to provide a cheaper alternative.

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

Ship internationally with confidence. PARCLL will assume all responsibility until your package arrives safely.

Optimal network footprint that gets you to your customers fast!

PARCLL strategically configures its hub footprint to align with today's ecommerce order distribution. PARCLL uses automation throughout its hub network to ensure the highest sorting and scanning accuracy. The result is increased consumer satisfaction and a better brand experience for shippers.

Interested in using a zone skip solution? PARCLL has you covered

Single integration, single label, puts PARCLL's expedited solution at your fingertips. So when you need competitive 1-3 day transit time for your time-sensitive ecommerce orders, you can trust PARCLL to support you with our airfreight bi-coastal zone skip solution. Plus, get full end-to-end visibility to your consumer's doorstep!

Ship internationally with Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

PARCLL's DDP-only U.S. export solution creates a highly competitive economy 3-10 day delivery service for your low-value lightweight ecommerce orders. As a result, PARCLL can help you be more competitive in Canada, Europe, and other markets where demand for U.S. brands is growing!

Start saving with PARCLL today!

Getting connected to PARCLL is easy! Just set up an EasyPost account and start shipping. If you're an existing EasyPost customer but don't have a PARCLL account yet - arrange a meeting, and we will help you. If you're new to PARCLL, click the "Contact Sales" button below, and we'll follow up to connect you with PARCLL so you can lock in their industry-leading rates. If you have already set up an account with PARCLL, add your PARCLL carrier credentials to your EasyPost account and start shipping!