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PCF with EasyPost

PCF isn't the biggest last-mile parcel delivery provider, and that's not a bad thing. In fact, it brings a lot of advantages, such as being nimble, responsive, and easy to work with, especially in their dense and desirable northeast territory.

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PCF shipping advantages

7 day/week operation

Next day ~ early delivery

Flat rate, surcharge light, weight-based pricing

Start shipping with PCF today

Work with PCF to supply shipping data

PCF will determine volume available into our footprint

PCF will share a proposal with pick up and induct options

A parcel provider for the Northeast

Satisfying northeast customers is challenging. You need a partner who has the technology to keep costs in check and flexibility to work with you on your shipments. When it comes to pricing and accessorial charges, PCF follows through with their philosophy. They don't believe residential or delivery area surcharges are appropriate, for example, because they're already in those neighborhoods. Nor should you pay extra for morning delivery, simply because it's early. With PCF you're getting an approachable provider dedicated to getting your package to the front door.

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