Thinking of trying the Pitney Bowes API? There are a number of points to consider, many of which will affect cost, performance, and integration times.

First off, the Pitney Bowes API is a SOAP / XML API. This can introduce problems of its own when attempting to parse responses from their API.

Additionally, the rate you're getting is important. Pitney Bowes offers Commercial Base Pricing but EasyPost offers Commercial Plus Pricing.

Pitney Bowes doesn't provide any supported client libraries. Regardless your programming language, you'll need to write your own client library.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to such a slow integration process. EasyPost is a multi-carrier API with quick technical support and client libraries for all major programming languages.

EasyPost offers the following services:

  • Address Information (Address Verification)
  • Tracking & Delivery Information
  • Price Calculator
  • Print Shipping Labels
  • Package Pickup
  • Postage / Label Purchasing

The EasyPost API offers the following USPS service levels:

  • First
  • Priority
  • Express
  • ParcelSelect
  • LibraryMail
  • MediaMail
  • FirstClassMailInternational
  • FirstClassPackageInternational
  • PriorityMailInternational
  • ExpressMailInternational

Here's a thorough breakdown of the differences between the USPS API and the EasyPost API: