International Address Verification

Address Verification can improve overall deliverability of your packages by 62 percent, acting as a safeguard against errors that send packages awry. With EasyPost, you can get instant access to our fully-covered US Address Verification, and our fast-growing International Address Verification.

Monthly Lookups up to
$30/ month
Annual Lookups up to
$300 / year

More than 500,000 lookups?

EasyPost offers high volume discounts and subscription plans.

Enterprise Sales

Save on International Postage

Don't waste international postage because of bad addresses. Verification increases deliverability by 68%.

Full Domestic Coverage

We can verify any U.S. address to the unit level, and flag addresses as residential or commercial.

Best International Coverage

We can verify addresses in any country as part of the largest AVS coverage network in the market.