Shipping API

per package

Rate, verify addresses, purchase, and track a shipping label for just 3¢ per package.

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Tracking API

per package

Track packages not shipped through EasyPost for just 1¢ per package

Enterprise Sales

Shipping Insurance

1% of insured value

Ship safely for just 1% of insured value with a $1 minimum.

Enterprise Sales

US Address Verification

Verify addresses with our proprietary Address Verification API.

Enterprise Sales

Global Address Verification

Verify global addresses across our robust Global Address Verification API.

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Rate across all your carriers through our Rating API.

Enterprise Sales
No Setup Fees

Pay for only what you use.

No Monthly Fees

No hidden fees.

No Cancellation Fees

No risk to get started.

Instantly Start Shipping with Commercial Rates

All EasyPost users are equipped with a USPS account with USPS Commercial Plus Pricing. Postage and label fees are charged to your bank account or credit card.

Use your own accounts and negotiated rates for other carriers including UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Postage is still billed to those individual carrier accounts.

Shipping 10,000+ packages per month?

EasyPost offers high volume discounts and subscription plans.

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