The goal is perfection when it comes to reliability

EasyPost targets a minimum of 99.9% uptime, meaning we target less than 10 hours of downtime over the entire year. We do this because we know our customers can't ship if we are down. And that means they're losing money, which isn't acceptable to us. Learn more about how we've become the industry leader in reliability below.

What does it truly mean to be reliable

Transparency as proof

Review current and historical uptime and incidents in our detailed status page.

100+ carriers

If a carrier API goes down, you can always fall back on one of our 100+ carriers available.

PC postage provider

USPS rating, labels and more available from EasyPost's reliable API.

Webhook infrastructure

Retrieve tracking status updates without making unnecessary API calls.

Scalability for peak season

Our Batch API can handle 10k bulk operations efficiently.

Distributed data centers

We avoid single points of failure by geographically distributing our data centers.

Everyone claims to be reliable, but EasyPost actually proves it

We know that our competitors claim to be reliable on their websites and marketing materials. So how can you trust EasyPost has industry-leading uptime every year? First and foremost, we provide a more detailed and transparent status dashboard than our competitors. Not only do we publish all historical incidents from the past several years, but customers can also see uptime across our core services during any day of the year going several years back. Further, you can review our API response times for the last month to validate our consistent performance.

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Take advantage of 99.99% uptime with the most reliable Shipping API

When it comes to shipping, every minute counts. Learn how much just one minute of downtime can cost your company—and why hundreds of businesses rely on EasyPost to keep things running.

Reliability by carrier diversification

Reliability means more than just EasyPost uptime when you have to rely on carriers' APIs. We get that. So we've invested in more than 100+ carrier partnerships so our customers can switch volume between whichever carrier they prefer if their primary carrier is down. Our experienced team can introduce customers to new carriers, provide access to our exclusive discounted rates across UPS, FedEx, DHL (and more), and consult on which local and regional carriers offer the highest savings opportunities. So when EasyPost customers add additional carriers to their mix, they can expect to be more resilient and save money.

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USPS is always online with EasyPost

EasyPost is one of the few authorized PC Postage providers in the industry which means we can provide native USPS rating, label, and other services through our APIs. This bolsters overall reliability because customers can fall back on EasyPost's 99.99% reliability for USPS services in a case where another carrier they ship with has an outage.


minutes is the average outage

and a risk you cannot afford during peak season


years without a major outage

during the peak season and we are working tirelessly to achieve the same this year


uptime is regularly achieved

making us the most reliable shipping API in the industry


downtime required

for releases or updates and no regularly scheduled maintenance either

Stop worrying about outages during peak season!

Your peak season is too valuable not to invest in reliability when it comes to shipping. And it's never too late to switch or diversify your shipping API provider ahead of the next peak season. EasyPost is free to access, and our team is here to help you every step of the way.

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