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Sendle Tracking API

Made Easy with EasyPost

Sendle Tracking with EasyPost: You've Found the Solution!

Using EasyPost's simple Tracking API, you can track Sendle packages, along with dozens of other carriers using a single point of integration.

Track Your Parcels Anywhere Across the Globe
Rely on EasyPost's Tracking API to provide real-time shipment updates across 100+ carriers to you and your customers. Own the customer experience with branded tracking pages, empower your business with intelligent delivery estimates, and increase customer satisfaction with accurate shipping notifications.
Save Developer Hours With Easy Documentation
Standardized event notifications across all carriers provide developers with an easy way to recognize similar events across carriers. Tracking is essential for powering core customer and product experiences. Get started in minutes with EasyPost's world class documentation and client libraries.

Tracking Packages

Track packages across all major carriers.

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Address Verification

Validate domestic and international addresses.

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International & Customs

Learn how to handle international shipping seamlessly.

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Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance for all items sent with EasyPost.

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EasyPost: Built for developers

The EasyPost Tracking API is designed to seamlessly fit into your brand eco-system. Redefine your customers' post-purchase journey, and compete with Amazon in customer experience and cost!

Use EasyPost Tracking for:

  • USPS Commercial Pricing on ALL accounts
  • Instant Access to USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL & more
  • Try EasyPost for FREE, No Upfront Costs
  • Client Libraries for .Net, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, PHP, and Go
  • Millions of packages shipped each month using EasyPost!

The EasyPost API also uses webhooks so we POST to your endpoints when there is a change in status of your packages, giving you near real-time tracking updates for you and your customers.

Reach out to us and we can share with you all of the awesome ways our customers have used our tracking data to drive sales and a better customer experience.

import easypost
import os

client = easypost.EasyPostClient(os.getenv("EASYPOST_API_KEY"))

tracker = client.tracker.create(

  "tracking_code": "EZ1000000001",
  "status": "delivered",
  "tracking_details": [
      "object": "TrackingDetail",
      "datetime": "2014-07-22T10:09:00Z",
      "message": "Your item was delivered at 10:09",
      "status": "delivered"
      "object": "TrackingDetail",
      "datetime": "2014-07-21T10:12:00Z",
      "message": "Arrival at Post Office July 21",
      "status": "in_transit"
      "object": "TrackingDetail",
      "datetime": "2014-07-19T03:12:00Z",
      "message": "Electronic Shipping Info Received",
      "status": "pre_transit"
  "shipment_id": "shp_..."

Let's compare the EasyPost API with the Sendle Tracking API

Sendle Tracking
EasyPost Tracking API
Tracking API with Webhooks
Multi-Carrier API
Fast and Free Technical Support
Public Documentation and Tutorials
Instant API Access
Supported Client Libraries
.NET Library
Go Library
Java Library
Node.js Module
PHP Library
Python Module
Ruby Gem

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