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Warehouse Fulfillment, Powered by ShipBob and EasyPost

ShipBob’s powerful WMS platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes (from fast-growing DTC brands to Fortune 1000 companies with multiple established warehouses) streamline their operations and scale effectively. And now, with the seamless integration of EasyPost’s shipping API, ShipBob’s shipping capabilities are unmatched.

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Supercharge your in-house fulfillment operations

End-to-end fulfillment

ShipBob's streamlined fulfillment process, partnered with EasyPost's Shipping API, optimizes for time and cost, enabling a parcel delivery experience that beats expectations.

Optimize warehouse operations

ShipBob's full WMS solution helps merchants optimize their warehouse operations to minimize errors during the fulfillment process, all while leveraging the EasyPost API to get orders to customers on time.

Omni-fulfillment Solution

Trusted by 7,000+ brands, ShipBob has an accuracy rate of 99.95% in fulfilling orders and was named #1 Best Fulfillment Technology by AdWeek's Retail Awards.

All-in-one platform

Say goodbye to slow fulfillment, manual processes, mispicks and inventory discrepancies, and having to stitch together multiple tools. ShipBob WMS is more than just a WMS — it’s an all-in-one platform to improve how you manage fulfillment.


"One of our favorite elements of ShipBob’s WMS is how user-friendly it is. Even though the dashboard houses a ton of complex capabilities, its usability is still spectacular."

Bethany Peterson, COO

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