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Singapore Post packages are covered by EasyPost Shipping Insurance

Singapore Post (SingPost) is a pioneer in eCommerce logistics that provides innovative mail and logistics solutions in Singapore and around the world. Through domestic and international postal services, SingPost is taking the lead in end-to-end integrated and digital mail solutions. SingPost eCommerce logistics solutions includes frontend web management, warehousing and fulfillment, last mile delivery, and international freight forwarding.

Using EasyPost’s simple Shipping Insurance API, you can insure your Singapore Post packages, along with dozens of other carriers using a single point of integration.

  • Affordable Premiums: Purchase full coverage of your shipment for just 1% of insured value with a $1 minimum.
  • Simple Claims: Just send over a handful of documents to complete a claim. No phone calls, no novel-length forms.
  • Quick Payment: Claims are guaranteed to be paid within 10 business days.

One simple insurance policy

Subscribe to EasyPost’s Shipping Insurance to protect every package sent with EasyPost. We supply full coverage for 1% of the stated value of the product and process claims quickly and efficiently. EasyPost Shipping insurance covers:

  • Any carrier
  • Any service level
  • Domestic or International
  • Damage, loss, or theft

Did you know?

90,000 packages go missing daily in NYC alone and 15% of online shopping packages never make it to their destination - accounting for 1.7M packages on a daily basis. Get coverage in minutes and protect your packages from damage, loss, and theft.

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Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance for all items sent with EasyPost.

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  • USPS Commercial Plus Pricing on ALL accounts
  • Instant Access to USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL & more
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  • Clients Libraries for .Net, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, and PHP
  • Millions of packages shipped each month using EasyPost!
# Create To and From Addresses
from_address = EasyPost::Address.create(...)
to_address = EasyPost::Address.create(...)

# Create Shipment and Get Rates
shipment = EasyPost::Shipment.create(
  from_address: from_address,
  to_address: to_address,
  parcel: {
    predefined_package: 'Parcel',
    weight: 32.8

# Buy Shipping Label shipment.lowest_rate())

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QALO uses EasyPost to automate their returns for an unbeatable customer experience.


With EasyPost's API, Expedited Passports & Visas cut their operational load in half.


Casper sped up their European launch thanks to EasyPost's support of over 30+ European carriers.

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