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Tracking Spee-Dee with EasyPost

EasyPost is a multi-carrier shipping solution. The EasyPost API is one integration point for 100+ carriers, including Spee-Dee. All Spee-Dee functionality is accessible using the EasyPost API, including tracking as a stand alone product. EasyPost standardizes the inconsistencies across carrier tracking and shipping APIs with its RESTful interface.

For access to all of the Spee-Dee API functionality through EasyPost, just sign up or get in touch with one of our shipping experts.

Spee-Dee is a regional carrier based in the Midwest. Founded in 1978, Spee-Dee covers Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and the St. Louis Metro Area.

Spee-Dee offers an XML API for Tracking, but there is no public access to it. You'll need to contact your Account Representative.

You can track a single Spee-Dee package on the Spee-Dee Site.

Like most Tracking APIs, you need to continually poll it to obtain package statuses. Unfortunately, there are no webhooks or even client libraries for the Spee-Dee Tracking API.

We have Spee-Dee access right now through the EasyPost API.

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Track packages across all major carriers.

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Validate domestic and international addresses.

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EasyPost: Built for Developers

The EasyPost Tracking API is designed to seamlessly fit into your brand eco-system. Redefine your customers' post-purchase journey, and compete with Amazon in customer experience and cost!

Use EasyPost Tracking for:

  • Tracking packages across all of your carriers
  • Improving NPS / CSAT scores
  • Easy Integration - get up and running in a matter of days
  • Cut operations expenses by reducing WISMO (Where is My Order) call volume
  • Earn repeat business by delighting your customers

The EasyPost API also uses webhooks so we POST to your endpoints when there is a change in status of your packages, giving you near real-time tracking updates for you and your customers.

Reach out to us and we can share with you all of the awesome ways our customers have used our tracking data to drive sales and a better customer experience.

tracker = easypost.Tracker.create(
  "tracking_code": "9400110897700004277226",
  "status": "delivered",
  "tracking_details": [{
    "object": "TrackingDetail",
    "datetime": "2014-07-22T10:09:00Z",
    "message": "Your item was delivered at 10:09",
    "status": "delivered"
    "object": "TrackingDetail",
    "datetime": "2014-07-21T10:12:00Z",
    "message": "Arrival at Post Office July 21",
    "status": "in_transit"
    "object": "TrackingDetail",
    "datetime": "2014-07-19T03:12:00Z",
    "message": "Electronic Shipping Info Received",
    "status": "pre_transit"

Let's Compare the EasyPost API with the Spee-Dee Tracking

FeatureSpee-Dee TrackingEasyPost Tracking API
Tracking API with Webhooks
Multi-Carrier API
Fast and Free Technical Support
Public Documentation and Tutorials
Instant API Access
Supported Client Libraries
Ruby Gem
Python Module
Java Library
Node.js Module
.NET Library
PHP Library

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