Tracking API

EasyPost's Tracking API doesn't just make it easy to keep track of your packages, it makes it easy to integrate package tracking into almost anything. Our webhooks allow you to gain proactive, real-time updates that can feed into your apps, email, SMS, WMS, or any way you wish to convey your package's movements.

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Free with Shipping

If you sign up for our Shipping API, you also get full access to our Tracking API for free.

Simple Webhooks

Implement tracking webhooks for push notifications on all package movements.

100 Free Trackers

No upfront costs to get started, just contact us and we'll set you up.

Package Tracking Wherever You Need It

Once a package is shipped out of the warehouse, everyone wants to keep tabs on where it is. The customer, the operations manager, and if it's a really important package with a very important recipient, you. Our Tracking API makes it simple to get the information you need, in any medium you please.

Put tracking information wherever you want - in your apps, on your site, in an SMS/ email, wherever you need it to be. We have streamlined integrations with Twilio, Sendgrid, and any WMS you use to manage your shipments.

With our tracking webhooks, your system will receive push notifications as they come. Once you get an update, you can put it in the most convenient format for you, your customer, your partners, and your team.

Don't be in the dark about your logistics, keep tabs on your packages with the easy-to-use, easy-to-implement EasyPost Tracking API.

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