Connect with USPS Using Java and EasyPost

Using Java to Integrate with USPS?

You can't do it through USPS. They use SOAP/XML for their endpoints with absolutely no client libraries or documentation to support you, but you can use Easypost to connect to USPS today using Java.

With EasyPost's USPS Java API, you can:

  • Print labels at the industry's lowest price
  • Track every outbound (or inbound) package
  • Verify every address, domestic or international
  • Shop for rates across your shipping accounts
  • Automate package insurance with low premiums
package shipments;

import com.easypost.exception.EasyPostException;
import com.easypost.model.Shipment;
import com.easypost.model.Parcel;
import com.easypost.service.EasyPostClient;

import java.util.HashMap;

public class Buy {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws EasyPostException {
        EasyPostClient client = new EasyPostClient(System.getenv("EASYPOST_API_KEY"));
        Parcel parcel = client.parcel.create(new HashMap<string, object>() {
                put("predefined_package", "Parcel");
                put("weight", 28);

        Shipment shipment = client.shipment.create(new HashMap<string, object>() {
                put("to_address", toAddress);
                put("from_address", fromAddress);
                put("parcel", parcel);
        });, shipment.lowestRate());

Tracking Packages

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Shipping Insurance

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