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Lori Boyer

How to Get Free Shipping Labels

by Lori Boyer

You're a business owner who’s just made a sale, congratulations! But, your job isn’t over yet. Now it’s time to actually get the item to your customer. You’ll need packaging supplies, shipping labels, and a carrier to deliver the package. Shipping logistics can feel overwhelming, especially as your business grows, but with the right plan in place, you’ll have a successful shipping operation in no time. 

First, you’ll need a way to get shipping labels for your packages. This is arguably the most important part, as this is what provides the carrier with all of the necessary shipping information, like:

  • Recipient’s address
  • Sender’s address
  • Shipping method 

Without good shipping labels, packages would not get where they needed to go, and you’d be left with unsatisfied customers and a poor reputation. 

Free Shipping Labels Help Lower Shipping Costs

Now that you understand the importance of shipping labels, you’re probably wondering what the cost looks like. We know what you’re thinking: “This is going to be too expensive.” 

Lucky for you, most carriers offer shipping labels to business owners for free. For example, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL all provide free shipping labels to their customers. 

Using free shipping labels provided by the carrier can save time and money for businesses and individuals who ship frequently. It can also help ensure that the package is properly identified and delivered to the intended recipient, which can help reduce the risk of lost or misdirected shipments.

When you’re not spending money printing and designing shipping labels, it frees up the rest of your shipping budget to focus on branded packaging and ensuring your customers have a great delivery experience. EasyPost can find your business the best shipping solutions with the most cost-effective value for your business.

How Do I Get Shipping Labels?

Free shipping labels from UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. can be ordered online or picked up at local carrier locations. Free shipping labels typically come in various sizes and formats to accommodate different types of shipments, from small packages to larger boxes.

Business owners can easily download and print labelsopens in new tab with EasyPost shipping api, where anyone shipping less than 10,000 packages per month gets free labels. 

You can also try out EasyPost’s user-friendly label creation tool to create labels individually, or in bulk. 

Where Can I Get Other Shipping Supplies?

Here’s a list of mail carriers in the United States that offer free shipping supplies to business owners. USPS USPS offers a variety of free priority mail envelopes, boxes, and shipping kits to users. Take a look at their store hereopens in new tab.

UPS UPS offers free shipping labels, stickers, boxes and other packaging, and express envelopes to customers. Take a look at their store hereopens in new tab.

FedEx FedEx offers free envelopes, boxes, tubes, and other shipping necessities. Take a look at their store hereopens in new tab.

EasyPost Offers Shipping Label Solutions

With EasyPost’s SmartRate API, businesses can optimize their shipping process and save up to 70% per shipment. 

By utilizing our Create Label interface, businesses can spend less time and money on shipping, while still receiving high-quality service from our carriers. Sign up free with EasyPost today to revolutionize your business’ shipping process.