Save with FedEx through EasyPost

FedEx and EasyPost are teaming up to support small-medium sized businesses with discounted rates through the FedEx Platform Account. EasyPost customers can create a FedEx shipping label instantly without the need to create a FedEx account on their platform. This account provides specially discounted rates for FedEx Ground® Economy and FedEx International Connect Plus®. Customers do not have to pay any enrollment fees or meet volume minimums to access these rates.

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Why choose FedEx

Instant FedEx savings

FedEx Platform Accounts through EasyPost can be made with a click of a button and come preloaded with discounted rates.

Unmatched shipping coverage

FedEx discounted service levels feature full U.S. residential coverage and 190+ countries and territories across the globe.

Super fast integration

EasyPost unlocks your ability to access FedEx’s quality shipping in minutes with our API.

FedEx Platform Account discounted services

FedEx Ground® Economy
FedEx Ground® Returns
FedEx® International Connect Plus

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Save with FedEx Ground® Economy

FedEx Ground® Economy is the perfect option for shippers with low-weight, low-value, and non-urgent shipments. For small to medium ecommerce businesses, this is an extremely cost-effective option to reach your customers. It includes:

  • 2-7 business day shipping
  • U.S. domestic with full residential coverage
  • Monday-Sunday* delivery
  • Shipment of packages up to 70 lbs and 130” in length (Ideal 1-10 lbs)
  • 24-hour shipment visibility with FedEx Tracking

*Not all shipments qualify for Sunday delivery.

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Simplify returns with FedEx Ground® Returns

FedEx Ground® Returns is a U.S. domestic service that allows merchants to get returned products back in their inventory and process customers' refunds quicker with fast and affordable delivery options. Merchants can include pre-printed return labels in packages or offer convenient options like emailed QR code return labels to their customers. Make the returns experience easy and seamless to enhance the customer experience and build loyalty by providing a fast return service.

  • Prepaid return labels or QR codes to cover all customers
  • Convenient FedEx dropoff locations
  • Full return shipment visibility

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Reach customers with FedEx® International Connect Plus

FedEx® International Connect Plus enables shippers to reach customers affordably and quickly. It comes packaged with precise tracking and clearance-inclusive service, so shipments can be delivered safely without any holdups. With FedEx® International Connect Plus you can expect:

  • 2-5 business day shipping, 2-3 business days to Canada and Mexico
  • U.S. to 190+ countries across the globe*
  • No residential surcharges
  • Shipment of packages up to 70 lbs and 130” in length (Ideal 4-20 lbs)
  • End-to-end tracking with FedEx Tracking
  • Clearance-inclusive service to reduce international shipping delays

*See our rate page for a list of disabled countries for this service.

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How FedEx through EasyPost works

Sign up with EasyPost

Sign up for a free EasyPost account to access FedEx and 100+ other carriers.

Create your FedEx account

Navigate to the Carrier Accounts tab and click the “Create Account” button next to FedEx Default.

Start shipping instantly

Your FedEx Platform Account and credentials will be automatically created and linked.

Shipping with FedEx has never been easier

Start shipping in minutes with the FedEx Platform Account through EasyPost. Discounted FedEx shipping labels can be created instantly through EasyPost without requiring a prior FedEx account. And there are no volume minimums or enrollment costs, making them the perfect choice for growing businesses that would not be able to access these rates on their own. Save on your next shipment with FedEx and EasyPost.

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