USPS Flats

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What are USPS Flats?

There a number of really good cost savers out there if you're shipping USPS. Due to the breadth of parcel types with USPS you can save money by simply adjusting the classification of your packages. One change we often suggest is switching from Parcel to Flat.

Flats are classified as having one dimension greater than 6-1/8 inches high OR 11-1/2 inches long OR 1/4 inch thick, and no more than 12 inches high X 15 inches long X 3/4 inch thick. That change alone can save as much as 45% on lighter packages.

The best part is Flats are available to all shippers through EasyPost. Get in touch with one of our shipping experts and we'll be in contact shortly.

Here's a breakdown of the cost difference:

USPS Flats Price Breakdown

13 oz$3.38$3.32
12 oz$3.23$3.12
11 oz$3.08$2.92
10 oz$2.90$2.72
9 oz$2.73$2.52
8 oz$2.55$2.32
7 oz$2.39$2.12
6 oz$2.21$1.92
5 oz$2.04$1.72
4 oz$1.86$1.52
3 oz$1.69$1.32
2 oz$1.69$1.12
1 oz$1.69$0.92

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