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Logan Simonsen

EasyPost Releases a Public Postman Workspace

by Logan Simonsen
postman partnership

Testing EasyPost’s suite of APIs just got a whole lot easier. We officially launched a public Postman workspace to enhance the testing experience for our developer community. Whether you’re a new customer looking into EasyPost for the first time or an existing customer looking to enhance your integration with EasyPost, we strongly recommend using our newly released public Postman workspace. Postman’s user base now extends to over 17 million users across 500k organizations. We are excited about joining the movement, and for you to benefit from it!

Postman is supported on desktop and web and is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. Download Postman here.

Not familiar with Postman?

Postman is the most complete API development environment. They built a UI tailored for developers to improve everything related to developing and testing APIs. They live by the concept of “dogfooding”, which is tech slang for using your product to debug, test, experience, and improve that same product. The result is an unparalleled experience for testing APIs that developers love.

If you’re looking for supplemental information to learn more about Postman we recommend this introduction help article created by Postman.

Additionally, EasyPost created a guide for developers to get started with our public Postman workspace. We recommend leveraging this guide for your first time when launching the EasyPost workspace in Postman.

Why we built a public Postman workspace

According to Business Wire, Postman added 4 million users in 2020 alone, over 40% growth year over year. Recently, Postman established itself as the largest public API network in the world. EasyPost spotted this trend and decided we needed to explore the tool for ourselves. Word quickly spread internally about the usefulness of the tool. In no time several internal teams were using Postman for demoing and testing. Soon thereafter, we prioritized releasing a robust and comprehensive public workspace so our customers could benefit as well. EasyPost shares Postman’s developer-first mindset, so enabling customers to more easily test and implement our APIs was a no-brainer.

How EasyPost customers will benefit

EasyPost’s public Postman workspace supports all of our API products and we are committed to maintaining and updating the workspace moving forward. Postman allows users to test much more efficiently by offering an incredibly intuitive UI with innovative visualization features. Using Postman, we expect our customers will save countless hours with implementations, experience fewer errors when testing, and more efficiently discover useful features for their shipping program.

Workspaces in Postman support powerful collaboration features such as commenting, forking, pull requests, and watching functionality (to ensure notifications are sent about updates). We expect development teams to more efficiently work together both internally and with EasyPost using these features while building out their integrations.

Further, not only is Postman growing exponentially every year, EasyPost is too. Both of these tailwinds will result in a blossoming EasyPost developer community on Postman. We expect many contributions to come from this community which all of our customers will now benefit from. We are committed to reviewing all pull requests made within the same week and will merge anything into an existing collection if we feel it is helpful for our broader customer base to see. We will also look to resolve any open comments within the same week to eliminate any blockers on implementations.

Get going now!

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support.