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Sendle Guide

Want to use EasyPost to ship with Sendle? This guide will break down all the necessary steps to make it happen.

This guide will cover:

If you haven't generated your first shipping label with EasyPost, we recommend reading our Getting Started Guide to learn how.

Sendle Overview

Sendle offers 100% carbon-neutral shipping with full coverage across the US and Australia, as well as international shipping from Australia to 220 destinations. They aim to make shipping simple, reliable, and affordable for small businesses by enabling all of their customers to tap into the big business delivery networks they partner with.

Let's start shipping

Service Levels, Returns, and Coverage Area

Service Levels

Transit Time
Max Dimensions (inches)
Max Weight (ounces)

See service levels for all EasyPost-supported carriers.


You can create a return label for Sendle using Sendle's dashboard. We are currently working on the implementation of a return option via EasyPost.

Coverage Area

Sendle has full coverage across the US and Australia for domestic shipments. The Express service level and international shipping are only offered for Australian shipments. Pickups and dropoffs are supported within the US and Australia.

Setting Up Your Sendle Account

Follow the instructions below to start shipping with Sendle through EasyPost. If you don't have an EasyPost account, sign up now!

  • Register for a Sendle account:
  • Link your Sendle shipper account to EasyPost:
    • Log in to your EasyPost account and navigate to the Carrier Account Page.
    • Add Sendle to your linked carrier accounts by searching for it in the top right corner. Link your Sendle account to EasyPost by adding your carrier account credentials. Your Sendle rates will now return within our API.
    • Begin purchasing Sendle labels through EasyPost!

Receiving Accurate Rates

Rates are acquired during your account registration process with Sendle and the EasyPost API supports live rating for Sendle. Whenever you create a shipment via EasyPost, EasyPost will pull your custom rates from Sendle for the shipment.

Generating Shipping Labels, Voiding Labels, and Submitting Refund Requests

Generating Shipping Labels

Generating shipping labels for Sendle is the same as generating them for any other carrier with EasyPost. See our Getting Started Guide for help generating your first shipping label.

EasyPost offers native Sendle labels in PDF format only.

Voiding Labels

You can void (cancel) Sendle labels using the Shipment Refunds endpoint. Sendle only allows labels to be voided before pickup.

Refund Requests

Please contact Sendle to submit a refund request. A refund can't be submitted through the EasyPost refund endpoint.

Manifests and Pickups

Sendle can support pickups for any customer, and they are free for Sendle Pro customers. Pickups can be scheduled within the EasyPost Pickups API.

You can also drop off your package at qualifying locations:

US customers can drop off at any USPS post office or blue collection box.

Tracking Your Packages

Tracking statuses are available for all Sendle shipments. Creating a Tracker for Sendle is identical to creating a tracker with any other carrier through EasyPost.

Take a look at our Tracking Guide for support in creating your first Tracker.

Need More Info About Sendle?

Our Carrier Metadata endpoint can programatically return information about Sendle including service levels, predefined packages, supported features, and shipment options.

Use this information to quickly integrate with Sendle or make educated decisions about your carrier mix. You can also use the Carrier Metadata endpoint to retrieve information about all the carriers on the EasyPost platform.

Talk to a Shipping Expert

Any questions about how to start shipping with Sendle through the EasyPost API?