R&R Solutions Case Study: How EasyPost Streamlines Logistics

Published on May 23, 2017
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Fact Sheet
  • Business: Logistics and Technology Specialists
  • Website: rr-solutions.com
  • Carriers: USPS, FedEx, and more
  • EasyPost APIs Used: Shipping API, Tracking API

The Background

Founded in 1997 by John and Amy Rambadt as a packaging company, R&R Solutions has evolved into a national technology solutions company, specializing in inventory, logistics, and project management.

Since logistics can be a Gordian knot for many businesses, it requires creative thinking from experts to find solutions to intractable problems. In 2005, R&R created their logistics arm, which includes logistics project management, pick/pack programs, fulfillment and supply chain solutions, warehouse management, and technology rollouts. They serve as one of the foremost experts on logistics for businesses of any size.

The Problem


Before partnering with EasyPost, R&R struggled with a logistics issue that bogs down most companies: do they invest months in building an expensive integration with archaic carrier endpoints, or do they continue to slog through entering data manually from carrier web portals?

For example, if someone at R&R needed tracking codes for a customer's shipment, their operations team would have to pull them directly from the carrier's website. That means logging onto their carrier account, finding the tracking code that corresponded with the shipment, then entering that tracking code into R&R's system. By relying on such a multi-touch process, it led to huge backlogs and a lot of increasingly impatient customers.

Another issue was label printing. R&R would have to manually input the shipping information into their carrier webtools, which means you needed someone to grab shipping details from R&R's OMS, then enter those details into the webtool (without error) before creating and purchasing a label. Now, multiply that by the thousands of labels that R&R processes each day. Then, consider that each employee has to double-check the data entered in order to prevent errors. This kind of process creates time sinks and diverts attentive employees from contributing in more efficient and productive ways.

In order to remove the inefficiency and pain of manual data entry, R&R needed to introduce scalable automation to their label purchasing and package tracking processes.

The Solution


Once R&R completed their integration with EasyPost, they were able to completely automate their tracking and label printing operations. By cutting out manual data entry of purchasing labels and obtaining tracking codes, they were able to save an immense amount of time and divert resources to other, more important tasks.

Take R&R's new tracking process. Instead of transcribing complicated codes manually from a carrier's web portal, EasyPost automatically pulls them with our robust integrations to all of R&R's carrier partners. On top of that, EasyPost's tracking webhooks ensures that all tracking events are logged in R&R's XPM software, allowing them to manage their package movements and move proactively to address any delivery issues. R&R also implemented EasyPost's tracking webhooks to power real-time shipping notifications. Customers and operations staff are now both apprised of package movements as they happen.

R&R can also automate the process of purchasing labels by directly passing shipment information into EasyPost, which then gets passed onto the carrier for label creation and purchase. No manual entry is required, just information passing through APIs and labels purchased at the push of a button. R&R can also bulk purchase labels for multiple shipments going to the same destination, saving massive amounts of time that would otherwise be spent entering information into the Worldship portal.

Due to our integration with EasyPost, our company has had production time gained, revenue saved, and peace of mind for our tech teams. I fully believe it's given R&R a strategic advantage.