Urban EDC Case Study: Simplified Insurance for Safer Business

Published on July 19, 2019
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Fact Sheet
  • Business: Everyday Carry Item Reseller
  • Website: urbanedcsupply.com/
  • EasyPost APIs Used: Insurance API

The Challenge

Urban EDC Supply is a small, dedicated team that curates a selection of high quality, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces including custom knives, multi-tools, tactical keychains and more. With weekly product releases and a swiftly growing inventory, Urban EDC Supply experienced an explosion of customer demand and online orders requiring safe and secure transportation to their customers’ destinations. They needed a reliable insurance option that could keep up with their growing business.

Prior to working with EasyPost, Urban EDC Supply ate the cost whenever a package was damaged or went missing. Considering on average one in ten packages are damaged in transit, the brand faced costly corrections and increasingly frustrated customers with their rapidly growing product offerings. As their business and order volume increased, they found that it was labor-intensive and time-consuming to track down packages with damages or that went missing in transit. Filing insurance claims with shipping providers proved frustrating due to the cumbersome submission process and lengthy period leading to reimbursement. Instead of settling with mediocre, time consuming service, they sought out a better way to process insurance claims with EasyPost’s Insurance API.

Our Solution

Urban EDC Knives Urban EDC Supply found that insuring their packages with EasyPost removed the complexities of the typical insurance process. Submitting a claim is quick and straightforward since the required documents are standardized. EasyPost consolidates the amount of time necessary to gather claim information and submit for processing. When the Urban EDC Supply team needs to file a claim, Urban EDC Supply submits a handful of required documents and receives a reimbursement check in 3 - 5 days on average. Now Urban EDC Supply operates with the peace of mind that a reimbursement check is on its way, so they can continue growing their business.

We no longer fear of packages being stolen, lost, or damaged. Everything is taken care of quickly and efficiently. In turn, we could also serve our customers better because of our new-found confidence working with EasyPost. Thank you EasyPost for your dedicated excellence in serving your customers!