Ten One Design Case Study: Saving Time and Money on Fulfillment

Published on February 02, 2018
Ten One Design Logo

Fact Sheet

  • Business: Modern Tech Tools
  • Website: tenonedesign.com
  • EasyPost Services Used: Fulfillment
  • Integration: Custom API

The Background

Ten One Design is a product design company that focuses on making clever solutions for modern tech problems. Their products find ways to make our phones, tablets and computers work smarter.

The Challenge

Ten One Blockhead

Ten One Design's previous 3PL had a difficult pricing structure that charged separate fees for each part of fulfillment—receiving, storage, pick pack, materials, shipping—which made it difficult to see the true cost of fulfillment for each package they sent to customers. Additionally, they were using their own carrier rates and had limited rating logic in place, making shipping much more expensive than it needed to be.

The Solution

EasyPost's flat, per-package pricing completely solved the challenge of determining fulfillment cost per package sent. Because EasyPost pricing is all-inclusive and charged per shipment, there are never any additional fees that need to be planned for or factored in later. Leveraging EasyPost's carrier rates also reduced their overall shipping costs, saving money for both Ten One Design and their customers.

EasyPost's pricing gave us the ability to be better. Put simply, our customers are getting faster deliveries, and paying less for them. At the same time, we're saving money. We realized a 21% savings for domestic shipments—with faster deliveries—and we're saving even more for international.

Save Money on Shipping Today

EasyPost's Multi-Carrier Shipping API Includes:
  • USPS Commercial Plus Pricing on ALL accounts
  • Instant Access to USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL & 95 Other Carriers
  • Tracking, Rating, Address Verification, and Insurance Features
  • FREE EasyPost Testing with No Upfront Costs
  • Clients Libraries for .Net, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, and PHP