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Marilyn Bunderson

Welcome to the Future of Shipping: EasyPost Enterprise Shipping Unveiled

by Marilyn Bunderson
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Our mission at EasyPost has always been to make shipping easy. We’ve done that by building the industry’s most reliable and easy-to-use shipping API. But as we’ve grown in size, servicing a growing and diverse customer base, we’ve seen that some high-volume shippers are looking for additional features to meet their unique needs. 

As we surveyed the industry, we found that rising complexities were leaving many enterprise-sized shippers struggling to keep up. From seeking modern, user-friendly shipping solutions to combating spiraling costs and deciphering the intricacies of omnichannel fulfillment, staying ahead of the curve has become an increasingly daunting task.

That’s why we are excited to announce EasyPost Enterprise Shipping, a solution specifically designed for businesses that operate within the bustling corridors of high-volume small parcel and LTL. With EasyPost Enterprise Shipping, now even our shippers sending more than 100k packages a month can trust EasyPost to deliver on its mission to make shipping easy.

Meet your new ally: EasyPost Enterprise Shipping 

EasyPost Enterprise

Enter EasyPost Enterprise Shipping, a solution specifically designed for businesses that have a high shipping volume. With an emphasis on speed—ultra-high transaction speed, to be exact—our solution is on a mission to trim your parcel processing time, thereby bringing down those pesky direct labor costs.

What's more, we don’t stop at speeding things up. Our shipping platform seamlessly automates order fulfillment, cherry-picks the best carriers, and even deciphers those head-scratching documents. All while integrating snugly with your existing host systems. It’s like giving your business a well-deserved turbo boost!

Features that make you go WOW 

Okay, so what exactly makes EasyPost Enterprise Shipping the shining star of the shipping world? Here's the lowdown:

  • Consistent uptime: With on-premise software, you’re always in action. Even if the internet decides to play truant.
  • Flexible deployment: Deploy on premise or via the cloud to enhance your distribution, making omnichannel fulfillment a cakewalk.
  • Blazing speeds: Sub-second processing speeds? Yes, please! From generating labels to carrier rating, everything is swift.
  • Scalable architecture: Expand your operations as needed, we’ll be right there with you, supporting those mountain-high shipments.
  • Comprehensive compliance: Ensure compliance across all your carriers—including hazmat and dangerous goods—with our robust carrier compliance.
  • Service like no other: Have an issue? Access our U.S.-based, white-glove service all day, every day.
  • Quick integrations: Don't sweat the setup. With our pre-built integrations to major ERPs, WMSs, and OMSs, get up and running in 45 to 90 days.
  • Containerized software: Orchestrate your environment with our containerized software for faster, easier, and more confident updates.
  • Low-code/no-code features: Customize your system and make strategic adjustments to your ever-changing needs a breeze.
  • Other perks: Enjoy automated routing, access to an army of carriers, and document generation so smooth you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

What does this mean for our existing EasyPost API customers?

We want to be very clear: We will continue to provide the industry’s most reliable and easy-to-use shipping API. We are laser-focused on delivering another year of 99.99% uptime through the peak season, adding more carriers to the 100+ carriers supported in our shipping API today, and offering world class support. With the introduction of EasyPost Enterprise Shipping, our existing EasyPost API customers can now benefit from having an additional solution available to them as they grow their business. 

While shippers of any size may benefit from EasyPost Enterprise Shipping, we typically see the solution as best-suited for businesses that ship 100k+ shipments per month or those with unique, complex shipping conditions. You can talk to a sales rep to learn more.

A success story: Fenix Outdoor

Fenix Outdoor made the decision to move to omnichannel fulfillment, and they wanted a reliable and flexible shipping system that would integrate easily with their ERP and other systems. Since implementing EasyPost Enterprise, they've reduced stockouts by 60% and their per parcel shipping cost is down by 30%—even with the rising costs of shipping. 

Why settle when you can stand out? 

In a world overflowing with shipping solutions, EasyPost Enterprise Shipping doesn’t just meet the standard—it sets it. It's not just about sending parcels; it's about redefining the very essence of shipping.

Our solution was built with modern shipping in mind by experts with dozens of years of experience in the shipping industry. We can keep up with your shipping volume, enable you to ship more economically, centralize your shipping operations across multiple locations and more. If your software doesn’t keep up, it’s time for an upgrade.  

Shipping is more than just parcels and packages. It's the promise of timely delivery, customer satisfaction, and business growth. EasyPost Enterprise Shipping is here to ensure you keep that promise every single time. Dive into the future, stay agile, and master the art of omnichannel shipping.

Ready to upgrade your shipping game? Connect with one of our shipping experts today, and get started with EasyPost Enterprise Shipping. Your future self will thank you.