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Tim Connolly

Software Platforms and Their Role in Automation

by Tim Connolly
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In today's digital age, more services traditionally offered up in person are being offered online. Retailers are setting up online stores, courthouses are holding proceedings over video conferencing, and even therapy has moved away from in-person sessions for convenience. The need for comfort in today's world has brought about an abundance of creative ideas and tools for the benefit of businesses. As the market expands, shifts, and develops, companies must adapt and change processes to cater to a new customer experience.

With the internet becoming the medium for products and services, platforms have emerged to link the company and its customers. Software platforms such as order management, warehouse management, and even invoicing have become necessary in today's market. You can find a software platform for just about anything related to selling a good or service, from ordering and filing taxes to shipping and bookkeeping. Having these necessary items automated by a software platform is a game-changer. Taking advantage of automating mundane necessities has led companies to be more efficient at providing a good customer experience.

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With the popularity of online shopping growing more each day, businesses are running into new challenges in getting their customers the products they ordered. Finally, after all the effort to market the product and set up the processes to enable customers to make purchases, a company gets a sale. They've made their money; the hard part is over. However, shipping and logistics can be seen as the step everyone needs to get right but the most frustrating. Software platforms realize that adding shipping into their suite of services will become a market standard if it isn't already. Having a single application that can process orders and aggregate shipping information is attractive to businesses.

The use of shipping APIs is not a new concept in the industry. A multi-carrier shipping API allows software platforms to offer shipping services without going directly to every carrier for developer work. Software platforms can take advantage of shipping APIs, such as EasyPost, to expand their offerings and become more competitive in the market. Being a single solution to streamline the customer experience and the company process on the backend is more marketable and alluring to businesses.

Staying ahead of the competition is the name of the game. Take advantage of software platforms to remain relevant in today's changing market. Find those software partners that offer shipping services included to make the process more streamlined. If you are looking for a software platform for you and would like the one that has shipping included, EasyPost has several partners to recommend.