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Marco Raye

Big Brand & Address Verification Issues

by Marco Raye

The Background:

package being delivered

Just because a customer places payment for an order, does not mean the order is complete. Depending on the logistics processes of any given online business, orders can arrive damaged or even worse, at the incorrect address. These situations can quickly become a nightmare for online business owners, as these situations damage brand reputation and hinder new customers from converting into repeat buyers.

In an era where online businesses are doing more and more to shrink the window of delivery transit times, one aspect of an ecommerce business that should be a go-to resource for businesses is an address verification systems (AVS) such as an Address Verification API. This integration is specially designed to help businesses avoid risky or erroneous delivery delays.

The Problem:

Before we jump into the main problems, here are some 2019 statistics that help paint the picture of importance address verification can pose for online businesses:

  • 40% of shoppers consider the post-purchase experience the most memorable part of the brand experience.
  • 73.6% of consumers reported delivery is most important to the overall shopping experience.
  • 52% of shoppers prioritized guaranteed delivery dates over free shipping.

Year after year, we learn that within the ecommerce world, shipping is an increasingly more important aspect to buying online, and we help companies directly convert what was once a pain point into a strength.

The problem for businesses facing erroneous delivers include:

Order Delay

Shipping delays frustrate everyone - customers and retailers alike. Although packages are out of the sellers’ hands as soon as they begin transit, customers still hold sellers (not carriers) responsible for their orders until placed on their doorstep. Although carriers work hard to ensure packages arrive at the right home, they sometimes come up short or get addresses switched as a result of human error. Especially during busy times of the year, such as the holidays. All this means for customers is delayed arrival of their highly sought after order, which can quickly lead to negative online reviews or worse.

Customer Support Issues

Where do customers go, and what do they say when they have a concern or issue with an order delivery? Customer Support, and “Where’s my package?!”

Depending on the business, that may come in the form of several calls, emails, support tickets, or chat messages. No matter the size of a business or what they sell, we at EasyPost know that a direct result of address verification issues during delivery includes waves of customer support issues that claim heaps of operational time and costs to recover or salvage in the face of customers.

The Solution:

Intelligent logistics start with EasyPost. The Address Verification API removes 99.9% of all US Address issues. What does that mean to online business everywhere? Improved ship time from 2 business days to same-day shipment.

As the ultimate solution to address verification issues for online sellers, this Address Verification API also offers agnostic tracking, allowing our customers to send tracking links and provide updated emails if any issues delivery occur.

EasyPost focuses primarily on results-oriented logistics solutions because the innovative team believes in enabling their customers to make more data-driven decisions regarding their supply chain and how to continue claiming a larger market sector.

Are you a big brand interested in improving your deliverability up to 62%? Contact EasyPost today and let’s get started!