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Jaidyn Farar

Get Caught Up on the September Episodes of Unboxing Logistics

by Jaidyn Farar

As month two of Unboxing Logistics draws to a close, we’re sharing a quick recap of each episode. If you need something to listen to while you rake up the first fall leaves, choose the episode that catches your attention and hit “play.” 

Whether you’re focused on the front-end ecommerce shopping experience or the supply chain processes that happen behind the scenes, you’ll find plenty to inform and entertain in September’s episodes.

The Power of the Shopping Guarantee w/ Eric Thorson

Online shoppers are bombarded with promises every day. While ecommerce stores clamor to explain why they should be trusted, most customers remain understandably wary. How can they know if a merchant is reliable? If they’re getting the best bargain? If their personal information will stay safe?

In this episode of Unboxing Logistics, Eric Thorsonopens in new tab, general manager of Norton Shopping Guaranteeopens in new tab, joins guest host Jason Eisenberg to talk about why consumers have these concerns and how businesses can provide meaningful reassurance rather than empty promises. 

Eric and Jason discuss:

  • The four major consumer anxieties
  • What shopping guarantees are and why they’re effective
  • How shopping guarantees increase conversion rates

Listen here

Supply Chain and the Consumer Experience w/ Matt Boland and Jill Barron

Customers have high standards for package deliveries. And when your delivery experience doesn’t live up to expectations, they’re all too willing to take their business to your competitor. Don’t worry, though—by improving your behind-the-scenes supply chain processes, you can keep customers coming back.

In this episode, Matt Bolandopens in new tab of Körber Supply Chainopens in new tab and Jill Barronopens in new tab of Summit Advisory Teamopens in new tab share their insights into the connection between the supply chain and consumer experience. 

Jill, Matt, and Lori discuss:

  • Why inventory management is a key piece of the pre-purchase experience
  • What customers want from the returns experience
  • Ecommerce trends (like the shift away from free shipping)

Listen here

How to Decrease Cost to Serve w/ Tom Butt

If you don’t know what you’re paying to fulfill orders, it will be difficult to drive those costs down. Tom Buttopens in new tab of Summit Advisory Teamopens in new tab and Elevateopens in new tab breaks down the major costs that businesses face and shares strategies for measuring and decreasing them. 

Tom and Lori discuss:

  • What cost to serve is—and the four main costs that make it up
  • The importance of inventory optimization
  • Understanding the channels your customers prefer

Listen here

What’s ahead … 

Tune in next month for great discussions on porch piracy, supplier relationships, omnichannel fulfillment, and more! 

Find new episodes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Unboxing Logistics is available on Spotifyopens in new tab, YouTubeopens in new tab, Apple Podcastsopens in new tab, Google Podcastsopens in new tab, Amazon Musicopens in new tab, Pandoraopens in new tab, and Audibleopens in new tab.