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Ian Novack

Small Businesses Ship Cheaper With EasyPost & Shipsaver

by Ian Novack
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2020 has catapulted consumers into the ecommerce space. Small and medium businesses are now in a unique position to capitalize on this change and adapt to the new way of shopping. Thousands of businesses are entering the digital landscape due to closing of brick-and-mortar stores and are hoping to maximize on their new online storefronts.

A huge aspect of every ecommerce business is their shipping operation. The process of preparing shipments and getting them to your chosen carrier(s) can be tedious. And with the rise of free and/or expedited shipping expectations, shipping can be a large expense that eats at your profit margins. Not to mention, while in transit it’s possible for a parcel to be damaged, lost, or stolen — ruining the customer experience altogether.

Shipping is complicated. What carrier should you choose? What is an affordable shipping cost? Will the carrier reimburse you for damaged, lost, or stolen packages? If you’re shipping items on multiple marketplaces, how can you keep track of all your orders? EasyPost and Shipsaver are here to help.

EasyPost and Shipsaver for Small Businesses

Moving parcels from point A to point B is complex for any business, which is why EasyPost and Shipsaver have partnered together to simplify shipping. Shipsaver helps thousands of shippers in streamlining their operations and to access the best shipping and insurance rates for their parcels. Whether your online marketplace is eBay, Shopify, or Etsy, simply connect your account(s) and your orders will be imported automatically to get the best rates on shipping and insurance.

ship saver features

The EasyPost API is the engine behind the Shipsaver platform and connects Shipsaver to dozens of carriers on the backend. Small and medium sized businesses benefit from using Shipsaver because it removes the technical component associated with integrating with our API. For businesses looking to get started, they’re able to ship like an enterprise without requiring expensive developer resources.

If you’re selling on a marketplace like eBay, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, you can automatically connect your store to Shipsaver and enable the best rates in as little as 10 minutes. The best part, it’s free!

Automation is key

Shipping and insurance processes can be painfully manual if you’ve just set-up shop. Through EasyPost and Shipsaver, users can fully automate their label generation and shipping insurance for all orders that come through their marketplace. Simply connect your account(s) and we will handle the rest - you can even set up automatic insurance on all of your orders so it is 100% automated!

Get started:

If you’re interested in getting started with the lowest insurance and delivery rates out there go to and sign up for free.