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Get Caught Up on the August Episodes of Unboxing Logistics

by EasyPost

August was the inaugural month of Unboxing Logistics, and the first four episodes didn’t disappoint. Lori Boyer, our fearless host, met with talented industry leaders to discuss shipping and logistics trends, including lots of practical tips to take your shipping to the next level. Read on for the bite-size version of each episode, plus a sneak peek of September’s topics. 

AI in Logistics w/ James Sutton

In the first-ever episode of Unboxing Logistics, James (chief analytics officer at Summit Advisory Team and Elevate) and Lori dive deep into artificial intelligence. Despite the ambiguity surrounding AI—and people’s mixed feelings about it—the final verdict is that AI has the potential to transform the logistics space.

James and Lori discuss:

  • Three big opportunities to incorporate AI into shipping and logistics
  • Why it’s important to combine AI with a solid data infrastructure
  • How to use AI wisely (and why it won’t be taking jobs anytime soon)

Listen here

Preparing for Peak Season w/ Tom Butt

Peak season may not be upon us yet, but it’s never too early to start preparing. 

Many companies see their order volumes multiply by tenfold when peak season hits. Are your shipping operations up to the task? Tom, chief customer success officer at Summit Advisory Team and Elevate, explains how to get your business ready for the busiest time of the year. 

Tom and Lori discuss:

  • How to get your people, processes, and systems in shape
  • Strategies for navigating carrier capacity challenges (spoiler: it’s all about diversification and communication)
  • Effectively training staff to keep up with peak season volume

Listen here

Shipping Cargo Via Passenger Plane w/ Chris Grey & Ed Burek

UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL—we’ve all heard of the big carriers, and for good reason. But sticking with just one carrier can keep you from reaching your full shipping potential. Chris Grey and Ed Burek of SmartKargo explain how to deliver packages anywhere in the U.S. using shared space on passenger planes.

Chris, Ed, and Lori discuss:

  • The rising popularity of alternative carriers 
  • How air cargo space-sharing works
  • Why some businesses hesitate to use alternative carriers

Listen here

Choosing the Right 3PL w/ Adam McCoy

Wondering if your business is ready to work with a 3PL? Looking for tips to manage your existing 3PL partner relationships? Look no further than this episode of Unboxing Logistics, where Adam, chief operating officer at eHub, gives great advice for choosing the right 3PL and getting the most out of their service.

Adam and Lori discuss:

  • When it’s time to partner with a 3PL
  • Tips for keeping lines of communication open
  • How technology enables better 3PL collaboration

Listen here

What’s ahead … 

There’s even more shipping and logistics wisdom coming your way! Make sure to catch the September episodes to learn:

  • How to boost consumer trust with shopping guarantees
  • “Back-end" strategies that feed the front-end customer experience
  • The ins and outs of managing a multicarrier strategy

Find new episodes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Unboxing Logistics is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Audible.