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Marco Raye

Streamline Your Logistics with Next Generation EasyPost APIs

by Marco Raye
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The world of shipping and ecommerce has drastically changed over the last decade. At one point, two-day shipping was a figment of shoppers’ imagination, and as we saw at the close of the decade, it’s become an inherent expectation of present-day online shoppers. Shipping APIs, like those brought to your business by EasyPost, are the go-to logistics management solution when it comes to managing shipping needs and adapting to the demand of today.

The online market is more competitive than ever. When experiencing your brand, customers are increasingly looking toward services such as Shipping Tracking APIs that give them more visibility into the transport of their highly anticipated orders. The difference between a successful online retailer and one that gets left behind often comes down to these details and your business’s ability to offer them to loyal customers.

Today we will explore more about the EasyPost Shipping API and how it can help you get ahead of the competition.

A Fluid Shipping System

Most software today has backend code allowing applications to share information without companies having to design their own platform. EasyPost’s Shipping API suite allows your online business to integrate all of your shipping needs into a single location. Rather than having to spend hundreds of hours managing your shipping across dozens of platforms, all of your logistics can be housed with EasyPost’s easy-to-integrate APIs, a game-changer for your customers.

Instead of having to manage things like tracking, returns, and shipping updates across multiple websites, emails, and services, your customers can have access to all of this information from a single source. This also minimizes the chance of your customers getting confused by your shipping policy, which can negatively impact repeat business.

Managing and Minimizing Your Risks

A fluid shipping system isn't just about making life easier for your customers; it's also a way that you can manage internal risk. Shipping and logistics are two of the highest areas of risk for online retailers. Packages can get lost, sent to the wrong location, and customers can become lost due to difficulty managing your return process.

Our Shipping APIs help you minimize this risk. By integrating all of your shipping services, you no longer have to manage dozens of websites to get your product out to your customers. This streamlined system lowers the chance of human error and increases the simplicity of the shipping process.

EasyPost minimizes risk by simplifying your logistics while enhancing your transparency and responsiveness to your customers.

Simplified Logistics with EasyPost Shipping API

EasyPost offers shipping software designed to simplify and manage your logistics. Rather than have these dozens of services managed across different locations, EasyPost brings these all under one roof for both you and your customers.

  • Labels for hundreds of shipping services including FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
  • Shipping Tracking API tracks packages across all major carriers in a single location.
  • EasyPost Insurance API protects your products during shipping for all items sent.
  • Address verification means that packages will never get lost due to a misplaced letter or number.
  • Tech-forward logistics services through easy integrations.
  • Freight shipping for businesses with high volume needs.
  • International shipping and customs integrated seamlessly into the shipping process.

EasyPost offers next-generation logistics for online retailers looking to take their shipping to the next level.

Getting Started with EasyPost’s Shipping API

Transitioning with EasyPost is simple, especially with our developer-friendly code that can be used to self onboard where and when you’re ready. Developers built EasyPost’s logistics software with the end-user in mind because at our core we understand maintaining the success of your online business is about staying ahead of the shifting technological changes while keeping your risks low. EasyPost not only uses the latest in shipping technology to keep you ahead, but it also cuts down on risk. Customers expect shipping information to be easily accessible, and housing all of this information in one location is the best way to meet that expectation.

It’s time to take your shipping logistics to the next level. To see how EasyPost can bring your company into the next generation of logistics, talk to an expert today.