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Marco Raye

Smart Integration: EasyPost & Zentail Announces Partnership

by Marco Raye
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What happens when your online business combines premiere multichannel ecommerce software with a powerful multi-carrier shipping platform? A smarter, more streamlined commerce management system that works around-the-clock to grow sales and shorten the window of time it takes for your products to reach your customers.

As an all-in-one shipping and logistics solutions provider for ecommerce businesses across many industries, EasyPost has partnered with Zentail, a leading commerce operations management platform for brands and authorized resellers. Many online businesses use dated commerce operating systems that often impact other business channels like their pricing, workflow management, business intelligence, inventory management and ultimately their end deliverable to customers. This article explains why EasyPost and Zentail are teaming up to offer intelligent integration solutions to resolve these common problems facing online brands today.

Why We Choose to Partner with Zentail

We’ve partnered with Zentailopens in new tab to enhance the control and performance of the shipping and logistics API solutions offered to our customers. We want to simplify what it means to be a successful online business by removing operational complexities beginning with your online store’s infrastructure and ending with when and how your product gets delivered to loyal customers who believe in your brand. Together EasyPost and Zentail offer a completely customizable solution for practically any shipping and logistics requirement in your brand’s ecosystem. We enhance your business intelligence, save you untold amounts of time and lower operating costs so you can focus on growing your business and accomplishing your business goals faster than ever before.

More on Zentail

Zentail has earned its reputation as the best ecommerce platform in the industry. It’s trusted by Fortune 500 retailers and top 1000 Amazon sellers, each looking for a reliable, headache-free way to expand to multiple online channels.

Behind a clean and easy-to-use UI lies a powerful PIM tool with features for orchestrating orders and managing inventory.

We've seen firsthand how their features translate into major time savings. Through first-of-its-kind automation tools, like Zentail’s SMART Typesopens in new tab categorization feature, sellers have saved an average of 100+ monthly production hours each month.

In essence, Zentail helps you save time, drive growth and set your business up for success with smart workflows and a centralized system for maximizing your ecommerce investment.

Zentail Commerce Management Suite

Our new partner’s ecommerce automation software includes:

  • Catalog Management: Automatically categorize SKUs for Amazon, eBay and more; manage kits and variations; and publish listings across multiple channels with a click of a button.
  • Inventory & Order Management: Automatically sync inventory across all your channels, set inventory thresholds and/or route orders according to warehouse priority.
  • Import / Export: Consolidate time dedicated to product management by applying bulk edits to your products.
  • Quick Edit: Quickly identify and modify specific product listings through a filtering system containing a wide range of attributes to help hone your search.
  • Pricing Management: Elect to override pricing for specific channels or promotional campaigns, and harness algorithmic repricers for Amazon and Walmart.
  • Smart Reorder: Make data-driven decisions using fields like historical sales data, holding costs, reorder frequency and more.
  • Multichannel Analytics: Sharpen your understanding of your business and the market space you compete in through robust reporting features including profitability tracking per channel (SKU, per brand, etc.) and buy box reports.

Streamline Your ecommerce Management and Shipping and Logistics Today

What success means for your business can quickly evolve when you work with the right technological tools. If your online business has hit a performance plateau, or if your supply chain struggles to maintain a competitive edge against the rest, it's time to reevaluate your commerce management systemopens in new tab in combination with your shipping and logistics processes.

Start today and get in touch with one of our experts if you have any questions.