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Eric Woersching

Developer Plan Changes: 120,000 Free Shipments per Year

by Eric Woersching

Starting June 1, 2021, we DOUBLED the number of free shipments included for new and existing customers in our popular Developer Plan. This exciting news means ecommerce merchants can now use our best-in-class shipping API with industry-leading uptime to ship, rate, and track 120,000 packages a year for free.

That’s right. No $200 monthly fee or per label fee like other shipping software vendors charge. No 5 cents per package PENALTY for using carriers beyond the three “recommended.” Get labels, rates, tracking, and address verification across over 100 carriers, for 10,000 shipments each month, TOTALLY FREE.

Heck, we even pay you to try us out.

Get $100 of postage on us, when you set up your account today.

Why Are We Making This Change?

In 2012, EasyPost launched the first RESTFUL Shipping API for parcel shipping on the belief that like payments and messaging, ecommerce shipping would be abstracted to robust cloud services, trivial for web developers to integrate into their web applications. Over the past 9 years, we’ve witnessed an explosion in solutions built on our APIs and learned from our customers and partners just how powerful a single API that connects to every carrier can truly be.

Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of weeks, ecommerce volumes surged so significantly that carriers were overwhelmed, having to turn away new customers looking for capacity. Some carriers charged exorbitant surcharges and fees to discourage their existing customers from bringing on ship-from-store volume.

Over the following year, carrier networks stabilized and delivery times improved, but merchants can’t unlearn the lessons of 2020: If you want to control cost and maintain on-time performance, you must be ready at a moment’s notice to shift volume across many carriers, therefore requiring a pre-existing integration into your logistics infrastructure.

In short, the intelligent multi-carrier shipping systems that sophisticated teams build with the EasyPost shipping APIs went from a luxury to a necessity.

We believe that anything we can do to accelerate the trend toward bespoke multi-carrier shipping solutions built on cloud-based APIs is not only a win for us, but for the thousands of merchants who trust us with their shipping every day.

Ship Cheaper & Faster with Zero Downtime

This is why it’s free to get started on the most advanced shipping API available. We want every merchant to skip the months or years toiling inside a basic shipping UI requiring hours of human intervention and instead, directly integrate intelligent, automated multi-carrier shipping right into their ecommerce stack from day 1.

As our customers have shown us, merchants who do so ship 30-70 percent cheaper, 1-3 days faster, and have close to zero downtime. In return, EasyPost acquires a lifetime customer.

On top of that, this change is great for the hundreds of EasyPost partners who refer their customers to EasyPost OR whitelabel the API to offer shipping in their products. Their end customers can now scale their ecommerce operations well above 100,000 shipments per year without even thinking about paying for shipping software. This makes it a no-brainer to bet on the API that already offers the best uptime and fastest response times in the industry.

Create Your Account Today

In sum, we doubled free shipments to 120,000 per year because we’re passionate about leading ecommerce merchants to a better future where automatically shipping each package with the optimal carrier service is so easy, every merchant does it.

If this sounds enticing to you, create an account today and receive $100 toward smarter shipping with EasyPost.