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From Pricing Changes to New Zone Structures, Here Are USPS Updates Coming in 2023

by EasyPost

With the new year coming soon, many changes are on the horizon. For one, we know that rates will be updated for the base postage of most mail classes and several extra services and other fees. We will publish new USPS rates on our USPS Rate Charts webpage once they are live.

Below is what we know about other updates USPS will be implementing in the new year.

What's in this article:

  • Cubic Pricing Supported for Parcel Select Ground
  • Separate Nonstandard Fees for Expedited and Ground Products
  • Merging of CBP and CPP Price Lists for Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail
  • Zone Structure Modernization
  • Regional Rate Boxes Eliminated for Priority Mail and Priority Mail International
  • Balloon Pricing Eliminated

Cubic pricing supported for Parcel Select Ground

Whereas Cubic Pricing was only available for Priority Mail previously, it will now also be supported for Parcel Select Ground.

Cubic volume for Parcel Select will be calculated the same way as for Priority Mail. Please visit our Cubic Pricing webpage for a detailed reference on calculating Cubic Pricing.

Priority Mail Cubic tiers remain for packages ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 cu. ft. Parcel Select Ground Cubic tiers will range from 0.1 to 1.0 cu. ft.

Separate nonstandard fees for expedited and ground products

The USPS will implement two sets of prices for domestic competitive product nonstandard fees: 1) a set for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express and 2) a separate set for First-Class Package Service. This will allow for the Ground Nonstandard Fee structure to be independent of the Expedited products Nonstandard fee pricing structure.

Priority Mail / Priority Mail Express
First-Class Package Service / Parcel Select Ground
Dimensions >22" up to 30"
Dimensions >30"
Volume >2 cubic feet
Non-compliance fee

Merging of CBP and CPP price lists for Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail

The Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) and Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) lists will merge into one Commercial Pricing structure for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. Mailings claiming either CPP or CBP will map to the same set of prices.

Note that over the past few years USPS has been making the prices between these two lists equivalent, but going forward, there will not be two separate rate tables.

Zone structure modernization

The USPS will eliminate Local Zone for all products and will now split Zones 1 & 2 into separate Zones. As a result, all competitive domestic-zoned parcel products will move to nine separate price zones-Zones 1 through 9. This new zone structure applies to First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and Ground Return Service (to be renamed First-Class Package Return services).

For international shipping, the USPS will also eliminate the use of eight pricing zones (1.1 to 1.8) for Canada for Priority Mail International (PMI) and merge them into one rate structure for the entire country of Canada. Notice 123 currently lists eight Priority Mail International zones for volume to Canada that reflect mailer proximity to ISCs. This new zone plan will merge eight zones (price groups) into one price group by weight.

Regional Rate Boxes eliminated for Priority Mail and Priority Mail International

The USPS will eliminate the Regional Rate Boxes A (max up to 15 lbs.) and B (max up to 20 lbs.) for Priority Mail and Priority Mail international. This is in hopes to simplify the Priority Mail and Priority Mail International rate structure.

Balloon pricing eliminated

The USPS will eliminate Balloon pricing in its entirety. Balloon prices take effect when an applicable package weighs less than 20 pounds but measures greater than 84 inches and under 108 inches in combined length and girth. Balloon pricing will no longer be in effect.

Have further questions regarding the above updates to USPS shipping and how they might impact your operations? Reach out to your dedicated EasyPost Customer Success Manager or contact support.

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