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USPS January 2024 Price and Service Changes

by EasyPost

USPS is kicking off the new year with several changes to their rates, services, and labels. Luckily, EasyPost has you covered. Read our blog below to learn all you need to know about the coming changes starting January 21, 2024. For full details, see USPS's website.

Reminder of major USPS service changes

Before looking at the January 2024 changes, let’s take a look at some updates USPS made in 2023.

2023 USPS HazMat shipping rules

Last year, USPS updated their shipping regulations for sending hazardous materials through their package delivery network (these regulations were originally implemented by EasyPost in April 2023). We like to remind all USPS shippers to properly identify all HazMat shipments using the appropriate hazmat attribute value. To learn more, please see our USPS HazMat Guide and blog for more details.

Parcel Select Ground and First-Class Package Service will no longer be available through the EasyPost API

In July 2023, USPS merged the Parcel Select Ground (PSG) and First-Class Package Service (FCPS) mail classes into the new mail class branding USPS Ground Advantage (GA).

Since the merge in July, EasyPost added GA and has continued to support both PSG and FCPS within the API to allow time for our customers to migrate to the new GA mail class. On January 21, 2024, PSG and FCPS will no longer be supported and users will need to use USPS Ground Advantage instead.

What you need to know about the USPS’s January 21st changes

  • New label appearance to maintain compliance with USPS’s standard
  • Price changes for domestic parcel, international parcel, mail, and additional services

Your USPS labels may have a new look for 2024

EasyPost is dedicated to providing you with the best shipping experience while staying within carrier guidelines. Please take note of the changes below. While your USPS labels may appear different in 2024, they are genuine and up-to-date with USPS’s standards.

Company and Name lines will switch places

In order to stay within USPS’s labeling guidelines, EasyPost will be switching the Name and Company lines on all USPS labels. Currently, EasyPost prints the Company on line 1 and the Name on line 2. Moving forward, the Name will be on line 1 and the Company will be on line 2.

Media Mail and Library Mail Service Indicator will be changed

The Service Indicator for Media Mail and Library Mail labels will be changed from a solid black box to a black “X” to save ink and toner for all our users. USPS regulations allow for either version of the Service Indicator. If you are not sure what the Service Indicator is, please see our examples below.

Customs Forms will have adjusted margins

To improve printability among the many label printer models available, EasyPost has increased the margins on Customs Form labels. Please rest assured, if your labels appear slightly smaller, your printer is not playing tricks on you and all relevant information is still present on your new label.

2D barcodes featured on all shipments

For veteran HazMat shippers this may not be a new change, but if you just started shipping HazMat packages and are wondering what that small QR code on your label is, this is for you. In 2023, EasyPost added 2D barcodes to all domestic shipments. The 2D barcodes improve scanability and ensure deliverability while allowing EasyPost to stay compliant with USPS HazMat guidelines.

USPS price changes for domestic, international, and mail

USPS has announced new pricing for domestic and international parcels and mail. Here’s what’s changed.

USPS domestic parcels

Commercial pricing for the service levels listed below has increased by up to 5.9% However, EasyPost users can rejoice, as most of their rates for flat-rate and cubic shipments up to 20 lbs will stay the same or decrease. One of the few rate increases for our users is a slight increase for USPS Ground Advantage shipments up to 12 oz, and Priority Mail and USPS Ground Advantage over 20 lbs.

EasyPost offers specially discounted USPS rates at no additional cost, enabling everyday users to save at the Post Office regardless of their shipping volume.

  • Priority Mail Express
  • Priority Mail
  • USPS Ground Advantage

Some extra services and nonstandard package fees have also increased.

Extra Services
Current Price
New Price
Adult Signature Required
Adult Signature Restricted Delivery
Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Nonstandard Package Fees
Current Price
New Price
Length > 22 in. up to 30 in.
$4.00 (no change)
Length > 30 in.
Cubic > 2 cubic ft.
USPS Ground Advantage Nonstandard Package Fees
Current Price
New Price
Length > 22 in. up to 30 in.
$4.00 (no change)
Length > 30 in.
Cubic > 2 cubic ft.

USPS international parcels

The following service levels have increased by up to 6.4%. Additionally, the extra services have increased by up to 3%.

  • Priority Mail Express International
  • Priority Mail International
  • First-Class Package International Service
  • International Insurance
  • International Registered Mail
  • International Return Receipt

USPS mail

USPS First-Class Mail will be receiving a series of price adjustments. Please see the full list below.

  • One-ounce Letter meter price will increase by 1 cent, from 63 cents to 64 cents
  • Stamp and meter price differential will increase by 1 cent, from 3 cents to 4 cents
  • For Letters and Flats, each ounce above the 1 ounce rate will remain at 24 cents per ounce
  • Letter non-machinable surcharge will increase by 4 cents, from 40 cents to 44 cents

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