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Allys Ton

COVID-19 Resources: Support for Essential Goods Shippers

by Allys Ton

EasyPost COVID-19 Response

In times of uncertainty, the need for community and support is stronger than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has spread globally and impacted the lives of millions since the start of 2020. With the evolving nature of the virus, it’s important that as businesses and communities, we adapt to not only fight the spread, but to assist one another in getting through this crisis.

Let’s Get Shipping

EasyPost is making a commitment to support corporations and households alike amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For any businesses who are shipping essential items — including, but not limited to food, medicine, personal protective equipment, and toiletries — EasyPost is offering our Shipping API free of charge, along with additional discounts. Shippers will benefit from utilizing our best-in-class software at no cost, while preserving their bottom line with our discounted rates. In turn, we hope to see more households across the country receive the goods they need with greater efficiency.

New and existing customers are eligible to apply for this program. To get started, contact

How We Support Our Employees and Communities

To keep our sheltered families healthy and comforted and to support local businesses, we have implemented a number of initiatives that support both our employees and their local communities:

  • Hosting E-Meetups. Conference calls have taken a creative and fun turn with social coffee chats in the morning, interactive happy hours, and Friday Lunch-and-Learns.
  • Anything that spreads happiness is expensable. Common examples include: purchasing gift cards from local businesses and buying toys for children and pets.
  • Send a Smile: Writing to Senior Centers. Our Corporate Social Responsibility team has come up with a virtual volunteering program where we will be giving back from afar by digitally sending letters, artwork, and scenic photos to senior homes.
  • Sharing digital souvenirs. In honor of Earth Day, team members shared photographs of their favorite place on Earth, creating a gallery of the world’s most beautiful places and reminding us that connection is possible during social distancing.
  • Label Give Back Program. We are covering the cost of shipping for employees who ship COVID-19 relief goods. More details below.

We encourage every startup and corporation to consider hosting E-Meetups and implementing a Work From Home Relief Plan if these are not already in place. As leaders and decision makers, we have people looking to us for guidance and support during this unprecedented time.

Label Give Back

EasyPost has implemented a Label Give Back program for all our employees. To help our community, both local and extended, we are covering the cost of shipping for employees who ship COVID-19 relief goods. EasyPosters have been able to care for family and friends remotely by shipping hand sanitizer, face masks, and other essential items to their loved ones.

For companies interested in supporting their team in the same way, we are offering our Shipping API free of charge up to 50,000 shipments annually. You can easily preload your account with a specified budget, to offset the cost of shipping for your teammates. To learn more, contact

Stay Informed

Our team is working around the clock to provide live updates as quickly and efficiently as possible to all our customers. As carriers implement new delivery policies and as more countries close their borders to international shipments, it’s crucial that shippers know the changing landscape of the parcel industry.

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