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Marco Raye

In Or Out: The U.S. and The Universal Postal Union

by Marco Raye
Universal postal union logo

We work to keep our customers in-the-know on all things shipping and logistics. Recently the Universal Postal Union (UPU) gathered in Geneva at the end of September to address the immediate concerns of the U.S. possibly departing from the Universal Postal Union as implicated by the Trump Administration in the Postmaster General Letter.

The Trump Administration previously considered leaving the Universal Postal Union due to concerns of China taking advantage of lower fees set for developing countries. However, the U.S. will remain in the union and price distortions will be rebalanced over the coming 5 years.

EasyPost was present in Geneva to keep a finger on the pulse in terms of implications to our customers. For our external customers, the outcome ensures a degree of certainty as to International Postal rates and regulations. For internal customers, it means a better ability to plan and execute any International price changes.