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Marco Raye

EasyPost and Brex: Your Next Best Cash Flow Solution

by Marco Raye
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Cash flow. Life nectar for technology companies everywhere. At this phase, all business decisions you make daily tie back to this aspect of your overall operation. We understand that to grow your business, you need cash readily available. Our new partnership with Brex, The Smartest Corporate Credit Card, helps startups overcome the major obstacles facing your business when it comes to managing your cash flow in the ecommerce space.

Who is Brex?

Brex is not a loan or a cash advance provider. They are a financial solution built for the way your business works. Brex business credit cards are powered by the Mastercard network, meaning cardholders are secured with best-in-class fraud protection. The beauty of Brex is that they allow cardholders to instantly get a card with 20x higher limits, completely automated expense management, eliminated receipt tracking, and seamless integration with their accounting systems all at once.

Cash Flow Management Obstacles

Let’s consider the main problems facing your business when it comes to cash flow management.

#1: Time. It takes months between when companies purchase their inventory and when they receive cash from customers.

#2: Seasonality. Ecommerce businesses are usually seasonal, and there’s limited visibility into order volumes.

#3: Debt. Financing alternatives can take days/weeks for approval, require founder liability, and can be prohibitively expensive.

Any combination of the above issues can significantly impact your business’ production, and ultimately, your customer demand. Brex works with you as a financial arm, preventing or counteracting these pain points from occurring.

How Brex Helps

Check out the core benefits awaiting your business when you start with Brex as your next best financing alternative:

  • Net 60 payment terms with no interest.
  • No personal guarantee.
  • High credit limits based on historical sales across all platforms.
  • Built-in expense management functionality.
  • Reward perks: 1% cashback if payback in 30 days, discounts with ~20 ecommerce vendors.

Brex’s Special Offer

To celebrate our new partnership, EasyPost customers that signup for Brex receive a $500 signup bonus and waived card fees for life. Work with a financial solution that’s trusted by other leading brands like Hims, Amour Vert, Flexport, SoFi, and many more.

Click here to start today.

EasyPost: Your Ultimate Logistics Solution

The network of partnerships EasyPost continues to build is loaded with unique players in the shipping and logistics space. We empower our customers with the tools and solutions they need to grow their businesses and achieve their dreams. Whether you need an order fulfillment solution, ecommerce marketplace access, a next-gen logistics solution like our APIs, or have other needs relating to your supply chain such as packaging, and much more; we are your all-in-one source. If you have any questions about our new partnership with Brex, or any of our other logistics-related partnerships, please contact our team today!