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Jaidyn Farar

Get Caught Up on the November Episodes of Unboxing Logistics

by Jaidyn Farar

With peak season upon us, things are busier than ever for ecommerce businesses, logistics partners, carriers, and supply chain professionals. But we’re hoping you still had time to listen to the November episodes of Unboxing Logistics. If not, just peruse this blog for a quick recap! 

Carbon Neutral Shipping: How Does It Work? w/ Jicara Gorski

Jicara Gorski, principal product manager at EasyPost, joined Lori for an exciting announcement: starting November 1, all shipments sent through EasyPost’s Shipping API will have a net neutral carbon impact. By partnering with reliable organizations to purchase carbon offsets, EasyPost has made it easier for their customers to ship sustainably—at no extra cost to them. 

Jicara and Lori discuss:

  • Why businesses should care about sustainable shipping
  • The reasons behind the carbon neutral shipping initiative
  • What carbon offsets are and how they work

Listen here

Shipping Resources for Small Businesses w/ Kelli Martin

Small businesses don’t always have access to the same resources as larger organizations. With limited capital and smaller teams, these businesses have to get creative to grow. In this episode, Kelli Martin shares some small business shipping resources that FedEx offers. From a grant program to their very own podcast, FedEx aims to help small businesses in every aspect of their operations.

Kelli and Lori discuss:

  • Small business challenges and trends
  • Shipping tips for small businesses
  • Resources FedEx provides (and where to find them)

Listen here

Navigating High-Volume Shipping Challenges w/ Jeff Skaistis & Jeff Goeters

You know what they say—two Jeffs are better than one! In this episode, Jeff Skaistis and Jeff Goeters join forces to announce EasyPost’s new enterprise shipping offering: EasyPost Enterprise. As Jeff Goeters puts it, “When out-of-the-box won’t do, that’s what we do.”

Jeff, Jeff, and Lori discuss:

  • Challenges high-volume shippers face
  • How to know when it’s time to upgrade to an enterprise shipping solution
  • Key capabilities and features of EasyPost Enterprise

Listen here

Is Consolidated Shipping Right for You? w/ Guy Gemmill 

Shipping internationally? You can save money and simplify the process by using shipping consolidation. Guy Gemmill, president and co-founder of APC Postal Logistics, explains how consolidated shipping works and how to know if it’s right for your business.

Guy and Lori discuss:

  • The advantages of consolidated shipping
  • When to use consolidated shipping vs. expedited shipping
  • How to know when it’s time to start shipping internationally

Listen here

What’s ahead … 

You can check one thing off your Christmas wishlist: more episodes of Unboxing Logistics are coming soon! We’re excited to talk about shipping consolidation, supply chain sustainability, and women in logistics. 

Make sure to catch the December episodes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Unboxing Logistics is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Audible.