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Ian Novack

Eco-friendly Delivery: Good for the Environment & Bottom Line

by Ian Novack
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As the digital landscape grows, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the increased reliance on ecommerce is environmentally sustainable. We are living in the most environmentally aware period of human history. No longer are a great product and mission enough to convert us; the policies and environmental impact of our purchases are becoming leading motives behind purchasing decisions. “85% of consumers want packaging that is recyclable or reusable!” (Late Shipment)

Businesses struggled to invest in sustainability initiatives in the past due to a lack of awareness and low ROI. However, sustainability can be a strong foundation for a company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort — and it is now proven that being perceived as a socially responsible brand can increase revenue, loyalty, and retention metrics.

Top 10

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider customizable, and eco-friendly packaging today:

  1. Sustainable packaging is the easiest way to start a CSR strategy.
  2. Both consumers and retailers expect the brands they interact with to be environmentally conscious — more so in 2020.
  3. You can design your packaging to save you thousands of dollars in shipping costs while minimizing the impact every parcel has on the planet.
  4. 61% of consumers say they are likely to switch to a brand that is more environmentally friendly than their current brand.
  5. First impressions matter. Sustainable and branded packaging gives your customers an incredible first impression of your brand and mission.
  6. It’s easy and cheap. EasyPost has partnered with Packlane to give you access to an incredible design and packaging provider.
  7. It supports your sustainability initiatives.
  8. It increases brand loyalty through a memorable unboxing experience.
  9. Branded packaging is another form of marketing. Less than 30% of brands are using branded packaging. When you deliver goods other individuals will see and inevitably search for your brand.
  10. Lastly, custom packaging through a partner like Packlane will allow you to improve your post-purchase experience, reduce your environmental footprint, and save thousands of dollars by customizing the boxes to your needs.

Go Green with Packlane

Take the eco-friendly approach and gain a competitive advantage while doing good for the planet and your bottom line. Packlane is a trusted partner of EasyPost and can help your brand make green choices.

After 4 years and tens of thousands of boxes, I can honestly say that there is no better boxing solution out there. If you’re looking for low MOQs, superior quality boxes, and customer support to match, look no further.

Tyler Turk Founder, Crated with Love

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Green Shipping with EasyPost

At EasyPost, we provide our users access to dozens of carriers and hundreds of service levels globally. We’re actively trying to understand which delivery providers operate with as little impact on the planet as possible. Here is a quick overview of what we know to date:

Ship with Regional Carriers

Our API allows you to leverage multiple carriers while only really dealing with one API. Our environmentally conscious customers have since developed intricate multicarrier strategies where they have shifted UPS or FedEx volume in the West Coast to GSO/GLS and shifted volume on the East Coast to Axelhire and Sprintship. Smaller carriers have a significantly lower carbon footprint and are usually very competitive pricing and transit time wise.

If you still want to rely on USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL, you should consider using a consolidator service level. A consolidator service level aggregates parcels and injects them into existing routes. These parcels have a minimal carbon footprint and are usually 50% of the price of a ground shipment. The catch is, they can take anywhere from 3-9 days. FedEx Smartpost and UPS Surepost are popular options if you’re looking for:

  • Cost reduction
  • Saturday delivery
  • No residential surcharge
  • Deliver to P.O. Boxes
  • Same drop-off flow as non-consolidated packages
  • Parcel tracking

Going green should be a top priority as we close 2020. EasyPost and Packlane are committed to help you save thousands of hours and millions of dollars annually by providing you with solutions that will radically transform your brand and post-purchase experience. Shoot us a note at and