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Jason Stark

New Release of DHL eCommerce V.4 Integration

by Jason Stark

A quick overview of what is new and what has changed

We heard you loud and clear. One of the biggest things we heard about the prior DHL eCommerce and DHL Global Mail International integrations was that accounts were not easy to set up. We took care of that.

Account set-up

The set-up to start with DHL eCommerce is now much more streamlined and user-friendly. There is no longer a need to go through and set up SFTP and no more waiting for rate tables to upload. Meaning you can get started much faster than before, and it requires less technical know-how on your or your team’s behalf.

More services

Another frequent suggestion was that you’d like to see the most recent services and products DHL eCommerce offers. We’ve gone ahead and updated all the services and products for you, so you can rest assured that you will always choose the best and most relevant services for your business.

New functionalities

As we continue to get feedback from our customers, we strive to add the most relevant and practical functionalities you are looking for. With that, we realized that passing through tax ID numbers and with significant manifest amounts of shipments at one time could significantly impact the ability of our customers to meet their demands. You can now pass through tax ID numbers and manifest 4,000 international shipments or 10,000 domestic shipments at a time.

Overall improvement to code

We here at EasyPost believe in constant improvement and innovation. As part of that commitment, we not only want to add new functionality, we want to make what already exists even better. We have gone through and cleaned up, or outright removed, redundant or unnecessary code. Leading to a faster and more reliable connection. Combine this with our already industry-leading API uptimes, and you get the most dependable service possible.

Want to learn more?

If you are already an EasyPost customer, please reach out to your representative today to discuss how the DHL eCommerce V.4 Integration could help your business. If you aren’t already an EasyPost customer, get in touch with us to learn more about our modern shipping solutions.

The best part? With one single integration, all surcharges are handled. Our shipping API integration not only allows you to compare shipping rates, but the peak season surcharges will automatically reflect those returned rates. Making it easier for your team to continue shipping, with no manual changes needed.