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Olivia Qin

Why Does EasyPost Offer the Best Shipping Insurance?

by Olivia Qin
Delivery person handing another person a package

If you stumble across this, you are likely considering purchasing shipping insurance. As a proud owner of a shipping insurance product, we’d love for you to learn more about how we’ve specifically designed our product around clients’ needs.

Affordable and transparent premium model

If you go on another competitor’s website, you will probably have to scour through the whole webpage to find a price estimate. And sometimes, even after hours of digging, your only option is to leave your contact information so that sales can reach out to you and bug you repeatedly.

Here at EasyPost, our pricing is transparent. Your insurance starts at 0.5% of the product sales value, with a 50 cents minimum. And many more affordable pricing options available upon request!

But with which carrier? All of them.

Which locations? From anywhere to everywhere!

We designed it this way to focus on improving your carrier mix and to provide you with more efficient and affordable shipping routes. And EasyPost Shipping Insurance’s straightforward model can cater to you as you grow. We want to become your trusted shipping solutions partner, and we know that worrying about pricing fluctuation is the last thing you’d like.

A person sitting in a van with package in hands

Simple claims process

If you have ever tried to submit a claim with a carrier, you know how bad the process can get. The forms are long, the websites don't work, they take forever to respond, and you end up asking yourself, “Why do I even bother spending the time to submit a claim if all I will receive is an automatic response and zero dollars?”

Our claims process is precisely not that. Minimal documentation is needed to kick-start your process, and ANY questions, complaints, or form submission will get a response from agents within one day. And the submission form itself only takes ten minutes to fill out.

We know how frustrating it is when your claims process is just left in the dark, and our support team angels – ahem – I mean agents, will never let that happen to you.

Person sitting using a laptop

Intuitive and easy to implement

If you are already familiar with our other API offerings, you know how easy it is to implement our product. We’re built this way to integrate easily with whatever language and platform. If you are already using our Shipping API, insuring a package can be accomplished through the buy call stage. If you want standalone insurance, we got you covered too! Check out our Insure Endpoint to insure anything with a valid tracking number!

As a merchant, you can choose to build in an option at checkout for people to buy add-on insurance. You can build it in as part of a fee, and you can pick and choose the amount or the product you want to insure. Check out our API documentation to learn more.

Our product is built for the creative-minded, tech-savvy, fast-growing companies that are constantly striving to elevate market standards. So reach out to our experts today and get your customer the best insurance for the best service they deserve!

To learn more or get started today, reach out to our team!