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Marco Raye

Acumatica Summit 2020: Women in Technology Panel

by Marco Raye
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For nearly a decade, EasyPost has commanded as a leader in the evolution of logistics for ecommerce businesses. By removing the sticky points of shipping and logistics processes, we make selling online easier again. To help echo this message, we dedicate our team to having a significant presence at more events that help celebrate our unique approach to logistics. That said, we’re excited to announce that the EasyPost team will be at Acumatica Summit 2020!

What is The Acumatica Summit?

Acumatica is a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and services. Each year they hold an annual conference where merchants in the ERP space, like you, can build connections with new clients and partners, gain industry knowledge, and promote their brands.

This year, Acumatica expects more than 2,000 attendees. They have lined up over 60 valuable workshop sessions by high-level marketing and sales experts from all over the globe, representing several related industries and enterprises. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the experience of dozens of thought leaders and onboard all of the latest thinking in the cloud B2B space, digital logistics, and cloud ERP.

This is a unique opportunity to obtain key insights into brand strategy, road-map, storytelling, demand generation, ROI, AI, and much more. Many of this year’s speakers are veteran presenters with an exciting lineup of live product and service demonstrations. Gain a 360-degree view of the cloud ERP and logistics industry with EasyPost.

Where is the Summit?

This year’s Acumatica Summit 2020 is held at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada. Events begin on Sunday, January 26, and will continue through Friday, January 31.

What to Expect From EasyPost

EasyPost supports women in tech. At this year’s Acumatica, our own Braughnwynn "Bibi" Brown, VP of Marketing & Sales Enablement, will speak at the “Women in Technology Luncheon Panel & Workshop,” on Tuesday, January 28 at 12 PM featuring inspiring stories from the voices of other women in business today. Together this femme fueled conversation will include more discussion on topics like “Best practices for an equitable workplace,” and “Data, trends, talent acquisition, and retention practices that will powerfully impact you and your business.”

At this year’s Acumatica Summit, we’ll be sharing our story, and how our brand became a unique presence in the logistics industry. Most importantly, we’ll show you how, by partnering with us, you can save money, ship faster, serve your customers better, and build brand loyalty like never before.

Major Brands in Attendance

At this year’s summit, you’ll meet business leaders and entrepreneurs who are serious about making the most of ERP for their businesses.

This year’s conference will be attended by:

  • Integrated Business Group: a comprehensive provider of ERP products and services
  • Pacejet: A shipping trend analytics provider
  • The Donas Group: A computer network solutions provider
  • Dynamic Tech Services: A business solution provider specializing in process automation
  • Mint Jutras: An enterprise impact analysis service

And that’s just a sample of the many influential industry players who will be in attendance.

Some of the Event’s Key Exhibitors include:

  • ITTransition
  • ClientsFirst
  • Centara
  • Oretail
  • EastStock
  • Crestwood Associates
  • and many more...

Acumatica is sponsored in part by:

  • CADLink
  • Altec
  • PayPool

Powering Intelligent Growth with EasyPost Logistics

Our logistics platform lets small, medium-sized, and enterprises create full-featured and comprehensive shipping capabilities platforms by accessing a wide selection of shipping carriers and services all through a single, developer-friendly portal.

Why EasyPost? Because today, you may be selling and shipping a toaster oven, tomorrow your business may grow to ship furniture, tractors, appliances, or delicate dinnerware. Your products require an agile logistics partner equipped to pivot according to your business needs as they change with time. Speak to a Logistics Expert and learn more about our contribution to this year’s Acumatica Summit, or how our next-generation shipping APIs can help your business continue to flourish in 2020.

We look forward to seeing you there!