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Michelle King

Creative Conference Calls: Make the Most of Working From Home

by Michelle King
Jing-ta Chow VP of Engineering

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, EasyPost is helping deliver more than just parcels - we are helping you deliver hope. We are operating beyond our usual capacity to ensure that the shipping infrastructures our customers rely on are sound and secure, especially as households across the country turn to online retailers to deliver food, clothing, and daily essentials to their doorstep.

To do our part in minimizing the spread of COVID-19, EasyPost has transitioned our team from working in our corporate offices to working from home. Furthermore, to promote continued connection and collaboration among our employees in these uncertain times, we have implemented EasyPost E-Meetups, which consist of mindful activities that foster a sense of togetherness and community while we remain remote, including:

  1. Virtual coffee chats in the morning
  2. Weekly Q&A sessions with the management team
  3. Friday Lunch-and-Learns
  4. Livestream yoga from home
  5. Afternoon happy hours

I love all of the e-meetups and additional meetings we have been having! It's great to interact with others that you typically wouldn’t on a daily basis! Even though we aren't physically in the office, we are recreating those interactions virtually.

- Brianna Martinez, Technical Recruiter

As an added measure to stay connected as a team, EasyPost initiated a Work From Home Relief Plan to support our employees and our communities.

We encourage every business, from startups to corporations, to consider hosting E-Meetups and implementing a Work From Home Relief Plan if these are not already in place. As leaders and decision-makers, we have people looking to us for guidance and support during this unprecedented time.

And finally, a reminder of how interconnected the universe is. One small step today, whether by giving back, sharing a smile, or connecting with others, has a lifetime of value and a ripple effect of which we may never fully grasp.

Be safe and be kind!