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Marco Raye

Without Compromise: EasyPost vs. Traditional Carrier Integrations

by Marco Raye
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In today’s bustling ecommerce world, getting started is relatively easy. The big challenge for online merchants is staying ahead of the competition, growing with your market, and eventually becoming a titan in your industry. While other ecommerce marketplaces continue to grow in size and sophistication; EasyPost offers a powerful, turnkey solution to shipping that sets you apart from your competitors. EasyPost’s revolutionary Shipping APIs give you unmatched integration capabilities with a full menu of shipping carriers, access to services, coverage areas, and more.

You may be asking, ‘How will EasyPost help me get ahead of the curve?’ The answer is, EasyPost’s one of a kind logistics management system has only been around for a few years, yet currently serves thousands of leading online retailers. Right now, you have the unique opportunity to be an early adopter in your sector of the online market.

The Advantages of EasyPost’s Integration Solution

At present, most online retailers integrate with one, two, or a handful of shipping carriers directly. Brands who manage their shipping process this way have to manage all of their relations with shippers.

Our Shipping APIs allows you to save time negotiating with shippers by choosing the service you need for any given job at a moment’s notice. Rather than working exclusively with a handful of shipping partners, you get dozens of shippers available with all the services they provide on one convenient menu.

Forget negotiating for exclusive partnerships with one or two carriers. Say goodbye to the need to build your own sending and receiving facilities, and hoping your shipping partner has a truck available at a given time. We save you time and money by giving you all the best the shipping industry has to offer.

Integrating With EasyPost: Simple As 1, 2, 3

  • Register your account and review the Getting Started Guide and make test calls.
  • Integrate with your application in less than 40 hours.
  • Give your wallet a well-deserved vacation with ZERO hosting fees.

How Direct Integration Compares

If you or your developers have much experience with traditional carrier shipping integration, then you probably know:

  • Registration can take days, depending on the approval process.
  • Reading the startup documentation can take days- and every shipper has different start-up literature.
  • Achieving full integration with your application can take as much as 160 hours.
  • Average maintenance loads are medium to high—and there’s no full-service treatment.
  • Hosting, monitoring, alerting, bloated code, top-heavy security, and unintuitive architecture make shipping slow and expensive.

With EasyPost You Get

  • Insurance
  • Tracking webhooks
  • Built-in address verification
  • Monitoring and status updates
  • Support and domain expertise
  • An architecture that scales with you

Best of all, you get all this in one easy to use interface that’s designed with your success in mind.

What Else Comes With The Ultimate Logistics Solution?

EasyPost’s full-service software and service is not just a full-spectrum turnkey solution for all your shipping needs; it is fully customizable and fully scalable. You never have to worry about outgrowing EasyPost. Our service includes:

  • Shipping API: Purchase labels for more than 100 different carriers from a single menu.
  • Tracking API: Monitor package movements from the warehouse to the front door.
  • Shipping Insurance: Automatic insurance for all packages.
  • Address Verification: Automated address verification for fewer delivery errors.
  • Logistics (formerly referred to as “Fulfillment”): Fully optimized delivery via cutting edge shipping and sorting technology.
  • Freight Shipping: Move mass orders via freight for deep discounts.
  • International & Customs: Handle international shipping with ease.

EasyPost’s powerful solutions are designed for developers by developers. Our mission is to give you a perfect-fit shipping solution that does what you want when you want it.

EasyPost is perfection, uncompromised.

Get in touch with the Logistics Experts at EasyPost today to learn more, and to make selling on the internet easier once again.